Doogie Howser, M.D.

Season 2 Episode 17

A Life in Progress

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 30, 1991 on ABC



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    • Jeff Moore: Just don't waste time, for time is all we got.

    • Dr. Howser: (seeing Vinnie eating alligator) Carpe Diem.
      Vinnie: Excuse me, Dr. Howser.
      Dr. Howser: Seize the day, Vincent. (long pause) Seize the day. (looks at his yearly Hawaiian vacation plans that never change)

    • Janine: Oh God! What am I gonna do with my life?
      Vinnie: You know, Janine, acting is a noble profession.
      Janine: If you think I'm going to appear sans clothes in something probably everyone in school will see—
      Vinnie: Oh, you don't want anybody to know it was you? No problem! Why didn't you just say so? (Vinnie puts his camera onto his shoulder and turns it on pointing it at Janine, continuing) We can put a bag over your head
      Wanda: What a pig!
      Vinnie: No, No. It'll be tasteful. Your choice, my goddess, paper or plastic!? (Janine begins walking towards Vinnie and the camera, raises her fist, throws a it at Vinnie, the camera cuts to snow and Vinnie grunts while we hear him falling down.)

    • Doogie's Journal Entry: February 2, 1991... Mom and Dad are on a raft. Janine made a decision. A man reached out to his friends. Funny how a guy who's dealing with death showed us all how to live.

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