Doogie Howser, M.D.

Season 1 Episode 8

Blood and Remembrance

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 01, 1989 on ABC

Episode Recap

Wanda walks out of her house and discusses what movie they will go see. Doogie suggests The Abyss again, but Wanda tells him that she already saw it again with Ryan Johnson. Doogie gets very upset that she went and watched a movie with another guy, but Wanda says that it is not fair that he has to break their dates so many times. They get into an argument, break up, and Wanda walks back into her house. A group of doctors walk into a patient's room, Mr. Aaron, who has an ulcer. Mr. Aaron begins to tell them that he is in the middle of a divorce when he is interrupted by his wife with divorce papers. One of the doctors tells the wife that she has the same blood type and she has to give her blood to help him, she agrees but only if he would sign the divorce papers. Mr. Aaron refuses and says that she is blackmailing him. At home, Doogie and Vinnie are doing some air guitar to a song on their Walkmans when Doogie's father shows up. He asks if Doogie is going out, but Vinnie tells him that he is not going anywhere and then tells Doogie to apologize. Doogie's father and Vinnie try to convince Doogie to apologize to Wanda, but Doogie doesn't think that it is his problem to fix, it is hers. At the end of Vinnie's point, Doogie's mother calls down from upstairs for her husband to take out the trash. Dr. Canfield tries to reason with Mrs. Aaron, but when she gets up to leave, Doogie explains the legal ramifications of her not giving her blood to her husband. Dr. Canfield asks Doogie about the law, but Doogie admits that he made it up. Doogie asks Vinnie what Ryan Johnson has that he doesn't have, but Vinnie tells him to just apologize, write a poem, and send roses. Doogie still refuses to apologize. As they leave from in front of Wanda's house, Wanda looks out the window. Doogie talks to Mrs. Aaron since she is so worried about the surgery. Mrs. Aaron admits that she still loves her husband, but she says terrible things to her husband when they get angry. Mrs. Aaron tells Doogie to not tell Mr. Aaron that she waited during his surgery to make sure he was okay.
Doogie's father is trying to practice his putting, but he gets distracted by loud music coming from Doogie's room, so Doogie's mom turns it off. Doogie's mom asks about Wanda and tries to cheer him up, but Doogie is sad and still not ready to give up his feeling that he is right in the situation. Doogie's father opens Doogie's door and introduces Wanda who walks in with a rose. They instantly kiss and Wanda thanks Doogie for the roses and the card, but Doogie looks confused. Doogie asks if she will see Ryan Johnson again, but she said that she only brought up his name to make him jealous. They decide that they will be going out again. When Wanda leaves, Doogie falls on his bed, but is interrupted by Vinnie. Vinnie admits that he is the one that sent the card and roses. Doogie thanks him and Vinnie tells him the whole poem that he wrote and gave to Wanda for Doogie. Mr. Aaron reads a card when his wife walks in the room. Mr. Aaron thanks her for the card and flowers and Mrs. Aaron recounts their wedding day. Mrs. Aaron walks out of the room and thanks Doogie for sending the flowers. Mrs. Aaron tells Doogie that it will be easier to go through the divorce if they are friends. Wanda is leaving her house and Doogie meets her, just like at the beginning of the episode. Doogie discusses divorce and the couple that are at the hospital and Wanda tells the story about her parents divorcing and getting back together. Doogie tells Wanda that he doesn't want to do the same thing with Wanda and that he sort of loves her. Wanda agrees. Doogie writes in his journal that relationships take a lot of compromise and forgiveness, and it is hard to understand.