Doogie Howser, M.D.

ABC (ended 1993)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Pilot
      Episode 1

      The sixteenth birthday of a certified genesis arrives and we start to meet Doctor Douglas "Doogie" Howser, M.D. We see him in the many facets of his life both professional and personal. While many child prodigies have a difficult time adjusting we see how Doogie maintains a balance on life beyond his years and unrecognized by those around him, such as his protective Mother and a Father not yet ready to let his Son go into manhood. At work, Doogie has to deal with a very sick child and we learn why he became a doctor.

    • 9/20/89
      When the hospital's new Chief of Radiology asks Doogie to dinner, he's stunned by what she asks of him during their date. Meanwhile, Vinnie is concerned he may be a sex addict—despite never actually having had it.
    • 9/27/89

      Doogie's date with Wanda quickly turns into an emergency, when she needs an appendectomy, and he's forced to participate in the surgery. But the surgery's success also earns Doogie some ills of his own: a dressing-down from Dr. Canfield for not following procedures and Wanda being upset for seeing her undressed.

    • Frisky Business
      Episode 4
      Vinnie talks Doogie into hosting a party while his parents are away, and the pressure of potentially sleeping with Wanda leads Doogie to be tempted by the beer some seniors bring, even though he's on call at the hospital.
    • 10/11/89
      A fight over a new car prompts Doogie to move out and consider becoming an emancipated minor. Meanwhile, a pop star is admitted for surgery on her vocal cords and tells Doogie her own story of leaving home while still a teenager.
    • 10/18/89
      A long shift with no air conditioning and the red tape involved in trying to treat a Guatemalan child lead Doogie to seriously consider an exceedingly generous offer to work at a posh pediatric practice.
    • 10/25/89
      Vinnie videotapes Doogie, and his friends and colleagues, for an assignment to document a person he admires, catching both the fun of Doogie's personal life and the seriousness of dealing with a little girl who may have cancer.
    • 11/1/89
      An argument over continued broken dates leads to Doogie and Wanda breaking up, and while he can't admit he may be in the wrong and apologize, a patient and his wife who are divorcing give Doogie a new perspective.
    • While Vinnie tries to convince Wanda's image-conscious heavy-set cousin Yvette that he truly does like her even with her extra pounds, Doogie deals with an already beautiful patient who's chasing perfection via continued plastic surgeries.
    • 11/15/89
      Feeling too grown-up for it, Doogie reluctantly accompanies his father on their annual fishing trip, resentful that he could've been with Wanda on a vacation to Palm Springs instead.
    • 11/22/89
      Peer pressure makes Doogie and Wanda decide they need to have sex, but an unwed teenager who gives birth at the hospital ends up giving them a sneak preview of what careless sex can do to one's life.
    • 11/29/89
      Doogie tries to help a child's ailing dog by allowing a veterinary procedure to be done at the hospital. Meanwhile, the poor find themselves nudged out the door in favor of people who can afford to pay for their medical care.
    • 12/13/89
      With several Eastman doctors already out sick with the flu, Doogie fakes being sick himself to avoid having to cover their shifts on Christmas Eve and go to a huge party Vinnie tells him about.
    • Greed Is Good
      Episode 14
      As he nears winning $100,000 dollars on a quiz show, Doogie is reached out to by people looking to share in his good fortune. Meanwhile, he's rooted on by a former boxer with an eye ailment that could leave him blind.
    • 1/10/90
      Wanda puts Doogie in the doghouse when she feels he's falling for the flirtation offered by a cute former patient. Meanwhile, a rift forms between Doogie's parents over Katherine's accusation that one of David's co-workers came onto her.
    • A lump in her breast leads to Katherine realizing she's indeed mortal and vowing to get more out of life, including returing to her performing roots by singing at a nightclub.
    • 1/31/90
      Doogie learns that teaching a safe-sex course at Wanda and Vinnie's high school might not be so safe for his own health when he's called out by one of the school's football players.
    • Unaware his father faces a heart bypass, Vinnie resists his increasing pressure to give up his dream of becoming a filmmaker to run the family's shower head business.
    • Doogie takes things to extremes after he saves the life of the coolest guy at Wanda's high school, who then gives Doogie coolness lessons to return the favor.
    • 2/28/90
      Doogie gets a lesson in how lucky he is when he and Vinnie are held hostage by a black gang member during a botched convenience store robbery.
    • Feeling beaten to the punch when someone else publishes work similar to his own research of six years, David thinks it may be time to retire, leaving Doogie and Katherine to figure out how to get him to reconsider.
    • 3/25/90
      Feeling neglected by Janine, Vinnie starts seeing a young blind girl awaiting a cornea transplant that may restore her sight.
    • 3/28/90
      Learning they're in a dead heat to win Eastman's Resident of the Year award, Doogie and Jack start trying to one-up each other and curry favor with the undecided voters.
    • 4/4/90
      Doogie and Wanda try counseling after it's clear their relationship has lost its spark. Meanwhile, Jack and Curly discover sparks of their own on their first date.
    • 4/25/90
      Doogie starts dating a book-smart and beautiful Laker Girl, but realizes his heart still truly lies with Wanda.
    • Vinnie tries to arrange the perfect evening for his first time with Janine, but tonsillitis puts a kink in his plan. Meanwhile, Doogie's taken aback by Wanda's plan to spend the summer studying art in Paris.
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