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ABC (ended 1993)

Is this a goof in the opening?

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    In the opening there are several news articles about Doogie, as he grows up. In one of them the article says he made it through high school in 9 weeks. The age listed is 12. Yet, the next article says he graduated from college at 10. At least when I went to school, I graduated from high school before graduating from college. True I attended both at the same time, but I completed high school first.

    To be specific:

    Title: Whiz Kid Breezed Thru High School in 9 Weeks

    by Corry Tick, Staff Writer

    For Douglas Howser, high school was a snap . . . literally. The 12 year old boy genius completed all his requirements in just over two months.

    In the next article it says:

    Title: Princeton Graduates 10 Year Old Prodigy

    Ah, isn't 12 older / past 10 . . .

    Also . . . on the high school requirements, when I went there were so many phys ed credits requirements (around 2 years worth). Of course the school board (public or private) can wave stuff, but regardless of how smart you are phys ed takes time . . . I suspect, though, for a real life kid in this situation, they would wave the phys ed or have him home schooled or figure something out.

    So, we're still left with the age 12 .vs. 10. Of course, most people I suspect see the 9 weeks and then age 10 and simply work it out that he was at age 9 instead of reading the text of the article. Oh, the advantages of HDTV (1920 x 1080) or even 2560 x 1600 for the super high resolution monitor / HDTV units.

    Anyone out there? (I suspect this forum isn't exactly very active, but here's hoping)..........

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