Doogie Howser, M.D.

Season 1 Episode 4

Frisky Business

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 04, 1989 on ABC

Episode Recap

Doogie gets together a meal of pizza and milk when Vinnie shows up and asks Doogie if he wants to go to the beach, but Doogie has to work. Doogie's parents interrupt their conversation with their talk about when they met. Vinnie and Doogie listen in, and Doogie tells Vinnie that it is their 20th wedding anniversary and they are leaving for the weekend. When they start kissing, Doogie tells them that Vinnie is there. Doogie's father leaves the number to the hotel where they will be staying and gives him some pointers before they leave. Vinnie gets excited because he views this as the perfect time to have a party.
At the hospital, Jack and another doctor are discussing an upcoming bachelor party, but Doogie gets discouraged when Jack tells him that he can't go since he is too young. After some cajoling, Jack tells him that he will try to get him invited. A bunch of doctors, including Doogie and Dr. Matsamura, head down the hallway discussing Sy, a patient, who has heart problems. Sy's wife, Mae, sings Doogie's praises, gives him a pinch on the cheek, and gives Doogie a bundt cake. Dr. Matsamura makes fun of Doogie by pinching his cheek just like Mae did, which embarrasses Doogie when the other doctors laugh. Curly tries to explain that he is not missing anything by not going to the bachelor party, but they are interrupted by Vinnie who insists that they have a party. Vinnie still tries to convince Doogie to have the party by telling him that other kids think that Doogie is a freak, so he agrees to a party with 15 people. At the party, everyone is having a good time and Doogie tells a couple of guys about a patient with an interesting emergency. As Doogie gets the chips, Wanda tells Doogie that she told her parents that she doesn't have to leave at night since her parents think that she is spending the night at one of her friends' house. At this news, Doogie splits open the entire bag of potato chips and they all spill on the floor. Vinnie then approaches Doogie and tells him that the seniors have shown up to the party and now the party is cool. One of the seniors introduces himself to Doogie and tells him that his being a doctor is pretty cool. The only problem with the seniors showing up is that they bring beer, but Doogie is happy that he is thought of as cool by the seniors. Vinnie confronts Doogie about Wanda telling her parents that she is spending the night at someone else's house and gets upset that he had to find it out from someone else and not straight from Doogie himself. Doogie then starts getting scared of the prospect of having sex with Wanda and begins to get flustered and Vinnie has to calm him down by giving him a beer. Doogie tries to resist by saying that he is on call, but he ends up drinking the beer.
When Doogie and Wanda are kissing and being playful with each other, the phone rings and he tells the hospital a few instructions and tells them that he will be there shortly. Vinnie asks if he will be ok to drive, but Doogie says that he has only had one beer and he will be ok. On his way to the hospital, Doogie gets stopped by a police officer. The officer asks him for his driver's license and registration, but Doogie left his wallet at home. The officer, not believing him, tells Doogie to step out of the car, but before he does that, Doogie still tries to tell the officer that he is a doctor by showing him his prescription pad. The officers want to see if he is drunk and Doogie yells back at the officer. At the police station, Doogie calls the hospital to help with the patient and then his parents show up to pick him up. Doogie's father is very upset with him for drinking while on call. Doogie's mother also tells him that he is too young to drink anyway. His parents take turns yelling at him on the way home. Doogie tries to interrupt their griping at him to tell him about the party, but they don't let him talk. When they show up, a partygoer throws up at the doorway. The next day, Doogie visits Sy who begins griping at him for not being at the hospital when he needed him. When Doogie apologizes, Sy tells him to not be so upset with himself. Dr. Canfield yells at Doogie for drinking and tells Doogie that no doctor can make this mistake ever. Dr. Canfield then tells a story about a medical school student who delivered a cadaver to a sorority dressed in a tuxedo. The sorority did not think that it was funny and pressed charges against the medical school. The student turned into a prestigious doctor despite the problems. Doogie tells Dr. Canfield that he thought that the student that they he was talking about was himself, but Dr. Canfield told Doogie that it was Doogie's father. Vinnie climbs through Doogie's window to find out what happened when he got arrested. Doogie starts yelling at Vinnie for not being concerned about him. Vinnie leaves, but before he leaves, he makes sure that they are okay. Doogie writes in his journal about getting arrested and how much aggravation a little bit of alcohol can cause.