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  • One of the worst things I've ever seen in my life!

    That corny old Apple 2 computer when he typed out his journal entires was about the dumbest thing I've ever seen. I mean, seriously, this is so 90s cringe I can't stand it. Why was he typing out a journal? Is it supposed to get the girls to say Like, oh my God, that is sooo deep!? No, that can't be it, Neil Patrick Harris is gay. Hmmmmm, oh I know why! Because this show sucks. And that theme song is the stupidest thing I've ever heard, the story is absolute hairy scrotum. And the acting is like pubes with crabs. Whoever made this show should go bite a pube.
  • Memories

    NPH typing out his memoirs on a green screen DOS based operating system. Good times.
  • Doogie Howser, M.D. is about a 16 yr old genius who is a practising Surgeon.

    This was a show that I remember seeing way back when I was 7-8 years old. At that time one couldn't help but be fascinated by the young teenage genius who was a Doctor already!

    The way he spouted information about just about everything was awe inspiring for a kid. It was like he was this sort of Superkid.

    It was fun to see how they balanced his genius against his inexperience and youth. On one hand he was the best at his job... but on the other hand he acted just like any other clueless teenager in matters of the heart and his rebellions against his parents and authority.

    Every episode tested him as a person and taught him important lessons and that was always nice to see.

    The first season, in my opinion, was fantastic. From there on the show went rapidly downhill.

    I suppose if I really sit back and see this show today I might not really enjoy it that much. But as a kid and in that day and age it was a very good show.
  • i think that cancelling it was better than killing Doogie's career!

    i still remember my first love, it was for the young doctor. i LOVED each episode, i used to tape them so i can watch them over and over again. but the writers intended from the beginning to get Doogie to quit his job as a doctor and become a writer. and if the show's fourth season didn't suck as much as it did, it would've happened. i hate how the show ended but i really wouldn't have liked seeing Doogie NOT being a doctor.
  • Doc and friend.

    Love finding old shows once again. Hate the way the show ended. After decades, I'm able to look at the shows final season through a different perspective. Too bad television producers canned the show. Maybe viewers count decreased. I could be scripts and ideas lacked focus forcing a network move. There were numerous complications in characters, personalities neglected, flaws introduced. All the "lessons" of the two protagonists, Doogie and Vinnie, were never carried over to newer episodes. The show became a string of episodes and alienated the essence it once was. I think its apt to say comedy and rating demand fueled the plot over development and continuity.

    There was no closure. Characters were forgotten. Entire relationships and friendships amounted to nothing after countless episodes of mutual learning, understanding. The show essentially regressed to a primitive version of season 1 in which the characters had more opportunities due to their older age. Different topics were skimmed based on this pretense and the show Doogie Howser was lost. At any rate, the show was nice to watch once again if only for completion's sake. Neil Patrick Harris and Max Casella played memorable characters. Adjoined with a rich supporting cast, it made a great show.
  • A great show

    Doogie Howser was a much better show than people give it credit for. Maybe it was a little far-fetched, but I thought it was believable. Neil Patrick Harris was very good on it and he has grown into a fine actor. His wisecracking best friend could grate the nerves sometimes, but he had a big heart. At the end of every episode, Doogie would write in his computer diary the lessons he had learned that week. It was a good show that had a four year run.
  • Doogie is a doctor who's too young to drink

    The concept behind the show was original, I thought. What kind of a job does kid genius' get? Well, one became a doctor. The show was a mixture of teen-age angst and medical thriller and it worked. Doogie had a girlfriend, Wanda and an everyday kinda kid best friend, Vinnie.
  • I loved this show as a kid ......

    I was 8 when this aired and I remember looking forward to watching it every week . I have long forgotten the episodes and I want to own this on DVD sometime soon . I recall Doogie as this genius kid who is a surgeon . With his sidekick Vinnie . I was the only on our block to be hooked with this show as all my other same-age peers were hooked on the 80's cartoons ( as I was ) . The 80\'s sure was the home of the best tv shows ever . I am a full-pledged 80\'s child .
  • A pretty good show based on a very young Dr. that has his licence at a very young age because he is brilliant and got through school very quickly.

    A pretty good show based on a very young Dr. that has his licence at a very young age because he is brilliant and got through school very quickly. Neil Patrick Harris had the starring role as Douglas "Doogie" Howser. He was fantastic and perfect for this role. His best friend was Max Casella as Vinnie Delpino. Max can now be seen on "The Sopranos". The rest of the cast was pretty good. They included Belinda Montgomery as Katherine O'Brien Howser, Robyn Lively as Michele Faber, Kathryn Layng as Nurse Curly Spaulding, Lucy Boryer as Janine Stewart, Lisa Dean Ryan as Wanda Plenn,
    Mitchell Anderson as Dr. Jack McGuire, James Sikking as Dr. David Howser, Lawrence Pressman as Dr. Benjamin Canfield and Darkus Redmond as Raymond Alexander. the show alway ended with Doogie type notes on his computer. The girls from sex and the city stole this a few years later for their show.
  • Keep you watching episode after episode

    I love this show it is just like Boy Meets World, OK OK it came before BMW but still it shows all the life learning things that are so touching. Doogie is just a great kid that I can relate to and see me in him. I love how he is so smart about some things like being a doctor but somethings he doesn't know about yet because he has not experienced them.
  • We've seen medical shows before, but not a show that's about a teenage doctor. Dr. Douglas Howser a.k.a Doogie struggles with his social life and also being a doctor, which comes first. This was a great show that explored all those angles and troubled t

    This show was so good because it dealt with a teenager with an extremely high IQ who's a Doctor. If that wasn't hard enough, Doogie had to deal with social issues throughout the shows four year history.

    Doogie always had to put being a Doctor first before hanging out with his friends, being interrupted at school functions and leaving his girlfriend Wanda during a date, due to being called to the hospital.

    This was one of my favorite shows of the 1990s. Being smart and having an extremely high IQ and graduating from college at 16 has its pros and cons.
  • The man child Doogie comes of age and handles being a doctor. Nice.

    Man I loved Doogie... watching season 1 on DVD again brought me back to a time when a lot less "fast food" type garbage was going on and people just wanted some wholesome stuff. Some episodes are cheesy but others are still on par with making points about today's issues. Refer to when Doggie deals with a woman addicted to plastic surgery. I can't wait for season 2 to be released in Sept 05. Way to go NPH, way to go.
  • A show about a genius kid doctor... with a heart.

    I was 1 when this show came out. I never saw or watched it growing up. I didn't even know who Neil Patrick Harris was until I saw the first Harold and Kumar movie. But- I've been lucky recently. I went to and found all the episodes posted there by I've got time to waste or spare. I had heard good things about the show so I figured, "What the hell?" For the last week I have sat in front of this computer screen watching the show, I couldn't get enough. The only other show I can compare it to is Scrubs (if you've seen it), aside from Scrubs having more humor, these shows are about the same. They try and balance humor, morality, and the day to day activites of doctors. Anyway it was a great show and Doogie Howser is a great character. I think I favored the first two seasons over the last two but overall it was a show that was still going in it's prime. I wish it hadn't gone so soon. But better left a winner and then thrown out a loser. Hats off to Neil Patrick Harris and Max Casella (Vinnie, Doogie's best pal and neighbor). Their characters will forever be engraved in my television mind and memory. I will miss you Dr. Howser.
  • Another Blast From My Past On Dvd

    This show was all about a 16 year old boy who just happen to be a doctor aka doogie howser md. it was a realy good show , the show only had four seasons and I was sad to see it go all four seasons of this show are out for rent or sale if your looking for a good series to get sucked into this one is a really good light humor family show !
  • A good funny light hearted show that's not boring.

    You want to watch a good tv show that delivers, Doogie Howser MD is your show. This show starts off when Doogie is only 16 dealing with his hectic life just like everyone else. The last season shows him dealing with his young adult life figuring out what his life should be about. All the Doogie Howser episodes were good, even those that were a little melodramatic. You get good laughs with this show, you don't have to take it too seriously, which is a good thing, you just have to enjoy the show and have a good time. This show definitely has it.
  • The Doctor Will See You Now

    When Family Ties first came on TV, Michael J Fox, as Alex Keaton, the boy genius became an overnight icon among most teenagers and their parents. Similarly, when Doogie Howser, MD was launched, this child prodigy who at 16 was a certified doctor was loved by everyone.

    Here was someone who was a a medical genius at 16, who could not only spout out scientific terms at the drop of a stethoscope, but was also a very skilled surgeon. At such a young age he had to deal with professional issues such as hospital bureaucracy, patient's pain, emotions of their loved ones and the limitations of medical science. At the same time he was your everyday teenager having to cope with issues such as peer pressure, girlfriends, parents, etc.

    This balancing act by this young doctor was not only entertaining but also a refreshing change from the run of the mill programs one comes across based on teenagers or the medical practice.
  • WHat an amazing show.

    He's the only reason i ever wanted a computer. SO cool. I even had an APPLE just like his. What else can u ask for, from a television show. I think we even have more doctors now because of that show. Can you all hum the theme song to the show?
  • Great storytelling!

    Doogie Howser has got to be one of the coolest shows of the 80's. Anyone born in the 70's probably has pretty fond memories of the show. As for me, I grew up watching the show and was a loyal viewer. Doogie was a show about a teenage kid who is a genius and finished school at an early age and became a doctor during his teen years. Most people would expect a guy like Doogie to be a nerd but this guy wasn't. He displayed a true side to himself, and while he had insecurities, his strengths easily outweighed them. In the show, he was a good friend, with a good heart and was in touch with his family who was pretty supportive of him. Basically, Doogie juggles his life as a doctor along with his social life and growing up as a teenager. He has a best friend named Vinnie and a girlfriend named Wanda played by Lisa Dean Ryan. Although Doogie doesn't have a clique like many teenagers, he trades in that part of being a teen for helping people as a doctor. Doogie is often found to go the extra mile in helping his patients or anyone in general. I remember one episode of Doogie, where Doogie is caught up in a convenience store robery; and Doogie ends up befriending the robber while held hostage, and ends up giving the robber a job at the hospital. This is truly a good show and is definitely a part of my childhood. I will always remember it fondly.