Doogie Howser, M.D.

ABC (ended 1993)





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  • Great storytelling!

    Doogie Howser has got to be one of the coolest shows of the 80's. Anyone born in the 70's probably has pretty fond memories of the show. As for me, I grew up watching the show and was a loyal viewer. Doogie was a show about a teenage kid who is a genius and finished school at an early age and became a doctor during his teen years. Most people would expect a guy like Doogie to be a nerd but this guy wasn't. He displayed a true side to himself, and while he had insecurities, his strengths easily outweighed them. In the show, he was a good friend, with a good heart and was in touch with his family who was pretty supportive of him. Basically, Doogie juggles his life as a doctor along with his social life and growing up as a teenager. He has a best friend named Vinnie and a girlfriend named Wanda played by Lisa Dean Ryan. Although Doogie doesn't have a clique like many teenagers, he trades in that part of being a teen for helping people as a doctor. Doogie is often found to go the extra mile in helping his patients or anyone in general. I remember one episode of Doogie, where Doogie is caught up in a convenience store robery; and Doogie ends up befriending the robber while held hostage, and ends up giving the robber a job at the hospital. This is truly a good show and is definitely a part of my childhood. I will always remember it fondly.