Doogie Howser, M.D.

ABC (ended 1993)





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  • A show about a genius kid doctor... with a heart.

    I was 1 when this show came out. I never saw or watched it growing up. I didn't even know who Neil Patrick Harris was until I saw the first Harold and Kumar movie. But- I've been lucky recently. I went to and found all the episodes posted there by I've got time to waste or spare. I had heard good things about the show so I figured, "What the hell?" For the last week I have sat in front of this computer screen watching the show, I couldn't get enough. The only other show I can compare it to is Scrubs (if you've seen it), aside from Scrubs having more humor, these shows are about the same. They try and balance humor, morality, and the day to day activites of doctors. Anyway it was a great show and Doogie Howser is a great character. I think I favored the first two seasons over the last two but overall it was a show that was still going in it's prime. I wish it hadn't gone so soon. But better left a winner and then thrown out a loser. Hats off to Neil Patrick Harris and Max Casella (Vinnie, Doogie's best pal and neighbor). Their characters will forever be engraved in my television mind and memory. I will miss you Dr. Howser.