Doogie Howser, M.D.

ABC (ended 1993)





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  • Doc and friend.

    Love finding old shows once again. Hate the way the show ended. After decades, I'm able to look at the shows final season through a different perspective. Too bad television producers canned the show. Maybe viewers count decreased. I could be scripts and ideas lacked focus forcing a network move. There were numerous complications in characters, personalities neglected, flaws introduced. All the "lessons" of the two protagonists, Doogie and Vinnie, were never carried over to newer episodes. The show became a string of episodes and alienated the essence it once was. I think its apt to say comedy and rating demand fueled the plot over development and continuity.

    There was no closure. Characters were forgotten. Entire relationships and friendships amounted to nothing after countless episodes of mutual learning, understanding. The show essentially regressed to a primitive version of season 1 in which the characters had more opportunities due to their older age. Different topics were skimmed based on this pretense and the show Doogie Howser was lost. At any rate, the show was nice to watch once again if only for completion's sake. Neil Patrick Harris and Max Casella played memorable characters. Adjoined with a rich supporting cast, it made a great show.