Doogie Howser, M.D.

Season 1 Episode 2

The Ice Queen Cometh

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 20, 1989 on ABC

Episode Recap

Vinnie climbs through Doogie's window and tells Doogie that he has a problem with sex because he wants to have it all of the time and he is addicted to sex. He thinks about sex all of the time and feels overwhelmed by it, but Doogie tells him that it is ok since he is 16 and male. Doogie explains about testosterone and the differences in sexual peaks of men (17-18) and women(35-45). Vinnie tells Doogie that he has no chance with Susie Berlutti since she will not be peaking for many more years.

Doogie sits down to eat with Dr. Jack McGuire and Curly when he gets introduced to Dr. Victoria Burke, the new head of radiology. Dr. Burke tells Doogie that she is impressed with Doogie and the work that he has done. Jack tries to get her to go out to eat with them, but Dr. Burke declines. After they leave, Jack explains that she is known as "The Ice Queen." Curly tries to offer an explanation as to why she is named that, but Doogie and Jack just laugh her off. Doogie's father is impressed with Dr. Burke being at the hospital and Doogie expresses that she is beautiful. Doogie's mother tells both her husband and Doogie that she has had plastic surgery and she is not perfect and gets very upset that the guys think that she is perfect. Doogie's mother tells Doogie to find out who did her plastic surgery. A man comes to the hospital by ambulance who turns out to be a policeman who has been shot. Doogie quickly calls for blood and asks for Dr. Burke's help in helping the patient. They almost lose the patient, but after draining the blood from his chest, the man is saved and stable, so he gets transferred to the operating room. Doogie expresses his excitement from the emergency room earlier and Dr. Burke asks him to eat with her the next night. Doogie agrees and Dr. Burke tells him that it is a date and then she kisses him on the lips and leaves.

At dinner, Doogie is very nervous and his legs shake so much that he shakes the whole table. Dr. Burke tells Doogie that she finds him appealing and Doogie reciprocates his feelings about her. Dr. Burke tells him a story about her not having a baby and feeling sad about it. Dr. Burke then proposes that Doogie father her child and she will be totally responsible for the child, all she needs is Doogie's sperm. When Doogie flounders, Dr. Burke tells him that she would like the best genes possible for her child. At home, Doogie tells Vinnie and Vinnie is excited for him, but Doogie is worried about actually having sex since Dr. Burke has probably been with many men. Vinnie tells him not to worry about it and just do it and pressures Doogie to call her. Doogie thinks that there is something that is not right about the situation. Vinnie tells Doogie that she possibly won't get pregnant right away, so he would have to have sex with her more than once. Doogie asks for advice for his "friend" from Jack and Curly and tells them the whole story without giving any names. Curly tells him to tell his "friend" that knowing that a child is out there that he doesn't know anything about. Curly also points out that Doogie's "friend" has a girlfriend and what would he tell her. Jack immediately confronts Dr. Burke about the proposition to Doogie and yells at her for trying to have sex with Doogie. Dr. Burke tells him that she was thinking about artificial insemination, not actually having sex with her. Jack backs off when hears that she was talking about artificial insemination and Dr. Burke realizes that she may have led Doogie on and is going to fix it. Doogie finds Dr. Burke looking at some x-rays and tells she starts to tell him about the understanding, but Doogie cuts in and tells her that he cannot have a child with her since he would like to have children one day with a wife. Doogie tells her that he will remember this moment for forever. She thanks him for telling her that and gives him a kiss on the cheek. Doogie walks out of the room and starts banging his head on the wall. Then, in Doogie's room, Vinnie is banging his head on the wall, upset that Doogie messed up his chances of having sex and then leaves. Doogie puts the matches that he got from the restaurant in his drawer so that he can remember it forever. Doogie writes in his journal about an adult decision that he had to make and deciding to stay a kid.
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