Doogie Howser, M.D.

Season 1 Episode 7

Vinnie Video Vici

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 25, 1989 on ABC

Episode Recap

Vinnie is videotaping Doogie's bedroom in its disheveled state. Vinnie notices very interesting items in Doogie's room, then interrupts Doogie taking a shower as he is singing. Doogie gets mad at Vinnie for videotaping him, but Vinnie explains that he is supposed to videotape someone that they admire. When Vinnie doesn't leave the bathroom, Doogie squirts shaving cream all over the lens of the camera.
Doogie asks Dr. Canfield why he agreed to let Vinnie videotape him, and Dr. Canfield tells him that he did it as a favor to Anthony Costaldo who donated $2 million last year and pledged to match that this year. Vinnie sees a plaque with Anthony Costaldo's name on it and Doogie says that he is very fortunate to have Anthony Costaldo's granddaughter in Vinnie's Doogie tells Vinnie to not let his videotaping intrude on his work. In the elevator, a group of candy stripers get on and Vinnie thinks that they are cute so he poses them next to Doogie so that Doogie can look important. While taping the girls, he zooms in on a girl's lips. A woman who is pregnant shows up and Vinnie understands why girls don't want to have sex. Vinnie approaches a man and asks him if he could interview him, but the man pulls a switchblade knife on Vinnie, so Vinnie backs away. Doogie tells Vinnie to not watch Doogie working on a patient who has lost a finger. When Curly picks up a cup with the finger in it, Vinnie passes out. Doogie meets with a little girl, Megan, who has a bruise on her arm, but doesn't want Doogie to touch her arm. Vinnie shows up and asks Megan to be Doogie's co-star. Megan offers for Doogie to look at her arm since she will be in a movie. As Doogie and another doctor confer about the broken arm, Vinnie is recording. Doogie tells Vinnie that he cannot follow him to tell the girl's mother that the girl may have cancer, but Vinnie shoots the scene from down the hall and catches the mother's reaction.
Vinnie interviews Doogie's father, but Doogie's mother tells him to stop videotaping and eat breakfast. Vinnie apologizes to Doogie's mother for accidentally finding her wearing something inappropriate. Doogie's father is concerned, but everyone just brushes it off. Vinnie hears Doogie leaving him and runs to catch up. Doogie visits Megan and gives her a red scarf to put around her cast. Megan is scared of a biopsy, but Doogie tells her a story about his own illness and tells Vinnie that he will never lie to a patient since he was once lied to. Doogie tells her what will happen after the surgery. When Doogie walks out of Megan's room, he hears a lady yelling and spots Vinnie backing out of a lady's room and he apologizes to the lady for videotaping her sponge bath. Doogie is getting upset about Vinnie following him and crushes him by saying that this is one of the other things that will not happen for Vinnie. At home, Doogie's father shows up in Doogie's room and tells him that Vinnie knocked on the front door and gave him the video that he made. Doogie thinks that Vinnie is childish, but Doogie's father reminds Doogie of how Vinnie stuck by him during all of the good and bad times. Doogie decides to watch the video. The video features a ZZ Top song as a background. The video includes clips of Doogie speaking Japanese to visiting doctors, interviews with Doogie's parents and Doogie's nursery school teacher, Doogie and Wanda kissing, and more interviews with Curly, Jack, Dr. Canfield, and Doogie himself. The video also shows Doogie telling Megan's parents that she does not have cancer. At the end of the video, Vinnie talks about his friend and how lucky he is to be Doogie's friend. Doogie writes in his journal about not being so smart when it comes to being a good friend.