Doomwatch - Season 1

BBC (ended 1972)




Episode Guide

  • Survival Code
    Survival Code
    Episode 13
    A military plane ditches into the sea whilst carrying three nuclear weapons on board. Toby is sent to investigate a mystery object that has washed up on the shire, but soon finds himself disarming a bomb.
  • Hear No Evil
    Hear No Evil
    Episode 12
    A company is attempting to control its employees through the use of bugging devices. Quist decides that the only way to stop the unethical management is to turn their own method against them.
  • The Battery People
    The Battery People
    Episode 11
    Quist is asked to investigate the strange behaviour of ex-miners in a village in Wales. What is the connection with the local fish farm?
  • Train and De-train
    Train and De-train
    Episode 10
    The Doomwatch team investigates the mass destruction of wildlife in Somerset. It seems that Wren's former tutor is responsible. Why is he being forced out of his job?
  • Spectre at the Feast
    Quist assembles a conference of the world's top scientists to consider new proposals for dealing with environmental pollution. Several of the delegates become ill, apparently from food-poisoning. Has the sickness been caused deliberately?
  • The Red Sky
    The Red Sky
    Episode 8
    Quist investigates the death of a man who threw himself from a cliff. is there a connection with the testing of a prototype jet plane?
  • The Devil's Sweets
    The Devil's Sweets
    Episode 7
    Quist and his team are investigating the sudden increase in the country’s smokers, and are surprised when Pat Hunnisett lights up a cigarette for the first time in five years. Quist suspects a link between a chocolate promtion and ‘Checkerboard’ cigarettes, whose recent sales are doing unexpectedly well. Should subliminal advertising be allowed?moreless
  • Re-Entry Forbidden
    Re-Entry Forbidden
    Episode 6
    The first nuclear-powered rocket is sent into space with the first British astronaut, Dick Larch, on board. An error by Larch leads to a splashdown in the sea. Dr Quist has to determine whether Latch is suitable for any further missions.
  • Project Sahara
    Project Sahara
    Episode 5
    Doctor Robson joins the Doomwatch team to undertake tests on the new ‘Sahara’ spray, which is apparently capable of destroying all plant life on the planet. Quist and his team discover that a new computerised security system has become far too powerful, and is making its own decisions about government personnel.moreless
  • Tomorrow, the Rat
    Tomorrow, the Rat
    Episode 4
    Genetic engineering? Tampering with nature in a quest to make Superman? The experimentation is still only being carried out on rats, but with dangerous, and deadly results...
  • Burial at Sea
    Burial at Sea
    Episode 3
    When a lifeboat crew discovers a luxury cruiser adrift in the English Channel, they find on board are a group of wealthy popstars and their girlfriends, one of whom is dead. The Doomwatch team investigates, and uncovers the facts behind the dumping of a deadly chemical warfare compound in a deep sea trench, which seems to be far from dormant.moreless
  • Friday's Child
    Friday's Child
    Episode 2
    Dr. Quist becomes embroiled in an enquiry into the heart transplanting practices of Dr Patrick. What has he been doing to a new-born baby that has been placed in his care, and should genetic engineering be permitted in society?
  • The Plastic Eaters
    The Plastic Eaters
    Episode 1
    What if a man-made virus with the power to melt all plastic became as infectious as the common cold? When a plane crashes in South America, in quite extraordinary circumstances, it's up to Dr Quist's team to avert further disaster.