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Dora the Explorer

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Dora the Explorer features the adventures of Dora, her monkey Boots, her Backpack and many other animated characters. In each episode, viewers help her to go an adventure in an animated world set inside a computer.

The third season of the program kicked off with "Dora's Star-Catching Adventure," introducing a new concept in which viewers interact with the show by searching for explorer-stars in each episode. A number of episodes are available in book form and on commercial video/DVD, including a couple direct-to-video releases. There are also a number of episodes and movies produced, but still unaired.

Dora the Exploreris currently in repeats on Nick Jr. and Noggin. Noggin airs the program every day including weekends at 3 and 4 P.M., but only shows first-season episodes. Nick Jr. shows episodes weekdays at 10 A.M., 11 A.M. and 1:30 P.M. and also occasionally organizes special showings in a marathon format. All repeats tend to be in a random order and all times listed are eastern.

Theme Song:

Do-do-do-do Dora! Do-do-do Dora! Do-do-do Dora! Do-do-do Dora! Dora Dora Dora the Explorer Boots and super-cool explorer Dora Grab Your Backpack! Let's go! Jump in! Ivaminos! You can lead the way! Hey! Hey! Do-do Dora, Do-do Dora Swiper, no swiping! Swiper, no swiping! Aww man! Dora the Explorer!


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AIRED ON 6/5/2014

Season 8 : Episode 15

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Fan Reviews (170)

  • DORA ROCKS!!!1

    Seriously all you people talking shit about Dora are nimrods it's a KIDS show it's not for adults. All shows ask questions to the "Audience" Dora isn't the only one. What a about all the adult sitcoms that ask the audience stupid questions! & all you on here keep saying "Spanish girl" what are you racist? Maybe you shouldn't watch the show if you don't understand what she's saying, the shows trying to teach kids another language...

    We like this show it's are daughters favorite she even counts in Spanish now due to only thing we as parents find weird is the NEW show there making called DORA AND FRIENDS... like WTF? now all of a sudden it's changing up?moreless
  • .um um um i.... wtf?

    this is pretty creepy. This little girl goes into the woods without asking with a freakin monkey, her parents are idiots. this has no point other than spainish. the only people that should enjoy this is the people that like seeing kids go into the woods and stare at you while she asks u where things are, when they're right behind her. she's a nightmare.
  • Dora the Explorer should really be shot.

    We were all kids once in our lives, having fun and watching great cartoons on TV. One of the most memorable cartoons we came across at some point was Dora the Explorer, a 30-minute show about a young Spanish girl going on adventures with her animal friends whilst speaking Spanish.

    When I was a kid, I did watch Dora the Explorer and I even used to have a Dora birthday plush from Canada. Now, I think that Dora the Explorer is one of the worst kids' shows that Nick Jr has shown on TV. It is pretty much on the same level as Peppa Pig and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (which completely ruined the iconic mouse character we once knew). I have decided to review this show based on the episodes I've seen as a kid and everything I have written in this review is my own opinion. Also, I will add a new topic: Educational value


    This show doesn't have much of an interesting plot. To summarize the plot of this show, basically Dora is going on an adventure with her monkey friend, Boots. They pretty much have to fix these stupid scenarios that occur in these adventures and they have to find items that can help them along the way.

    OK, I've barely explained the plot and from here I can already tell that it doesn't make sense. How on earth can Dora go on adventures with a wild animal? If this was reality, Dora would be hunted and most likely dead.

    So, in these adventures (if you can even call them that), Dora and Boots often meet other characters and they are often stopped by Swiper the Fox, who wants the items that Dora and Boots found. They usually say: 'Swiper, no swiping' about 3 or 4 times then he goes away and drops the items he swiped. After that, the adventure is over and the characters celebrate with a stupid song.

    OK, so I can obviously tell that this plot is fucked up. Why would there be a fox trying to swipe items and why would Dora say 'Swiper, no swiping?' Again if this were reality and Dora was stopping a thief or a rapist that way for example, all her items would be taken and she'd be dumped in a nasty trailer or van.


    Now, I move on to the characters. Obviously they all have some sort of issue, especially Dora. These characters are absolutely useless and most of them serve no purpose in this godawful trainwreck of a show.

    Dora: She is the main character of the show and a very clueless one at that. She's not only annoying but she seems uneducated aswell. Everytime she and Boots go on one of their shitty adventures, Dora would stop halfway to ask the audience (us) some really stupid and repetitive questions. Here's an example:

    Dora: We need to go to a hill. Where's the hill.

    Audience: Behind you.

    Dora: Where's the hill?

    Audience: Behind you!

    Dora: WHERE'S the HILL?


    See? This just proves that Dora seems like she's blind or deaf. She really needs to get her eyes and ears tested to see if she needs a hearing aid or glasses. Also, she always wanders around the forest as if nothing bad will happen to her and she's also really (and I mean really) naive.

    Boots: Dora's friend, who is of a course a monkey (which is a WILD ANIMAL!) that can talk. OK, how on earth can he talk and why does he wear those red boots of his? Also, why isn't he hunting and trying to kill Dora like a real monkey should?

    Diego: Oh god it's Dora's older cousin! He's also annoying and naive, just like Dora (no wonder these two idiots are related to each other). Also, he has his own show which is on the same bloody level as Dora! (Oh god, why does he have a show too? WHY?) He's also doing a lot of dangerous activities, just like Dora aswell! It's surprising to see that he and Dora aren't fucking dead in a swamp!

    Dora's parents: I have nothing to say about them except that they're completely irresponsible since they're unaware of what Dora is doing 99% of the time. They're on the same level as Jessie Prescott from Disney's 'Jessie'.

    Swiper: The saddest excuse of a villain I've ever seen in my life, even sadder than the villains in Totally Spies and Trollz combined. He's trying to steal a load of useless items from Dora and he can't even swipe anything because Dora is saying 'Swiper, no swiping!' Why would he listen to this 7 year old little shit anyway? If this were reality, he would also try to kill Dora and possibly Diego.

    Backpack: Oh god, the backpack talks too? Really? Really? The backpack is so bloody annoying and when it sings it's stupid 'backpack, backpack' song, sometimes I just want to rip the bloody thing apart so it isn't singing anymore? Let's just hope we don't have any other talking objects...



    There's none.

    Moral values:

    Ah yes, Dora teaches you so much things. For example, she basically teaches kids to wander around in forests without their parent's permission and those kids will think it's OK to get a monkey to follow them around when it's a wild animal!

    Educational value:

    The only educational value in this show is that it teaches kids Spanish. Even the educational value questions me because what kid under 7 knows the entire Spanish language? I used to do Spanish in my first year of secondary school and it was difficult to learn!


    I decided to give this show a rating of 1. I would've given it a 0 but the lowest rating available for me at the moment is a 1.moreless
  • Painful and mediocre

    This show is worse than Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I'm not shitting you.

    This show is about a Spanish girl who goes on adventures in a forest with a monkey. OK, you can't be serious. She could've got beat up, raped, killed, or even kidnapped.

    Her parents do not give a fu** if her daughter travels in the forest by herself. OK, that's interesting. So, let me get this straight: What if a lion injures her? What if she gets killed? Or, what if she gets raped, hmm? They probably won't give a damn. I guess her parents hate her after all.

    What's annoying is that they repeat the SAME songs over, and over, and over, AND OVER. Don't you think kids wanna hear something different instead of "Come on vamanos, everybody let's go"?

    The characters are also no-brainers. Every 5 seconds, they need YOUR help on something SO simple.

    Here's a example:

    Dora: Do you see the banana tree?

    Me: It's right behind you.

    Dora: *turns around* Where?

    Me: You gotta be kidding me...

    Also, here's another annoying thing. It's when they say "Swiper no swiping". After they say it for 3 times, Swiper just says "Aw man" and leaves. Okay, in real life that's not going to work. What were the creators smoking?

    The episodes are boring and not fun. The art is good after all, even though they can be bright. The characters are stupid, annoying, and awful, and the voice acting is bad.

    This show is NOT educational. If you're a parent, I would NOT recommend this TV show to your child.

    Above all, here's my grade: F-moreless
  • Annoying, racist, filled with profanity, and downright CRAPPY!

    Why Nick Jr? Why do you keep feeding our kids this crap? It's bad for them! The first season was the most annoying out of all of them!

    Dora: I need your help!

    Me: No you don't! *Obliterates TV*

    In the latest seasons, the art design swapped to this crappy CGI animation! Now all of the characters look like Slenderman compared to the older seasons of this "show"! On top of that, the art design is just ugly! Like on any other bad show, the plots are in a repeated cycle and never ever stops! I know this is for kids, but the writers are skilled higher than that! Nothing positive to say about this abomination to mankind! INEXCUSABLE! This show only cares about Mexico, and not the good ol' USA. WHY?! ;_; I bet that Dora's parents got their green cards taken away! In the pirate play episode, I literally heard Tico say the F word. MULTIPLE TIMES! IN ENGLISH! In this show, they mostly speak Spanish, and they speak so fast, it's hard to understand what they're saying! "Jisdhsuosdjhuewqrhpoiahf!" If you want your kids to learn multiple languages, GO TO THE LIBRARY AND BORROW SOME DICTIONARIES FOR MULTIPLE LANGUAGES! SIMPLE! Viacom, do us a favor, and cancel this show, and Dora Into the City. Please. This show lasted for too long and feels like it lasted longer than The Simpsons.

    UPDATE (MAY 13, 2014): And for those who are unaware, what I mean by "it's racist" is that I think this show is using Mexico's name in vain! I mean, those are Nick's versions of stereotypical Mexicans! On top of that, I don't even think Dora's Mexican! From the looks of her eyes, she looks more like an Asian!moreless

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