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Swiper: Kid With Compulsive Swiping Behavior

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    OK, I'll freely admit that while I think the show is dumb, after watching it for awhile in my mother's daycare the silliness tends to grow on you. And it's especially fun to make fun of while watching. ("Help me run up the hill!" "No, do it yourself!" "We made it to the top. Great job!" "Yay, I did absolutely nothing!")

    But onto the subject. One of the things that always got to me about the show was Swiper. Here's the closest thing to a regular antagonist, and all they have to go to stop him is say "Swiper no swiping!" three times. And he listens! I use to think, "Come on! Is there some rule or law about this, and if so, the guy's a thief! The whole point of being a thief is breaking the law to steal the stuff he wants. Grant it, he doesn't keep it and just throws it in a random direction, but that makes him just more of a bully than a crook."

    But recently I saw the Christmas special, and while providing me with more chances to mock the show, it did shed some light on the character of Swiper. For starters, I didn't know every single recurring character was a kid (especially since some can drive, but that's kid's shows). Same for Swiper, and that would explain some of the naive nature in which this whole thieving thing is taken, with them only having to say no to get him to stop. I think it's reinforced when they go into the future and old Swiper keeps swiping despite their protests, much to younger Swiper's confusion. Which brings me to my next point, Swiper is said to have tried not to swipe on Christmas, but he keeps doing it despite the bad consequences. This is sure signs of a compulsive behavior, and the whole time watching the special I was thinking they should put Swiper in rehab if his problem is compulsive and not moral. Especially since, when brought to the past and shown his past actions, he shows regret over making others unhappy.

    I don't have much else to say, so now I'm opening up the discussion. What do you all think about Swiper the Fox?

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    Yeah, I remember watching "Dora's Christmas Carol" last year. Swiper the Fox was like the character of Scrooge from Charles Dicken's acclaimed novel. It was interesting to see the characters (especially Swiper) when they were babies.

    However in the first Christmas special of the series ("A Present for Santa"), Swiper was about to swipe Santa's gift when Dora and Boots convinced him that it was for Santa. He didn't throw the gift though, which I'd say was pretty good for being reasonable and caring on Christmas.

    There were, of course, several concerns I had with Swiper during my days of watching this series. For one, what if Swiper swiped something that was breakable and threw it? Let's say the item he swipes is a flower vase. Just think how the owner of that vase would feel--that is unless Dora gets a glue bottle from her Backpack fits the pieces together. Here's another example--this has to do with the season 1 episode, "Surprise!" I was afraid Swiper would take Boots' birthday cake and toss it. Just how terrible Boots would feel if he and Dora inspected that cake and find it was ruined in the fall. He would be like, "My cake! It's ruined! Now my birthday is ruined!" But I'd step in and tell him, "Let's try to look at this catastrophy in a whole different way." Just as he and Dora arrive at her house, Boots waits outside for his surprise. The biggest surprise would be this: Dora and her mom would take the remainder of the cake and mix it in with ice cream. Yum, that's a good recipe. I got that idea from an episode from a different show for my alternate version of "Surprise!".
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