Dora the Explorer

Season 2 Episode 20

Hide and Go Seek

Aired Weekdays 9:00 AM May 05, 2003 on Nickelodeon

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  • Dora and her friends play hide and seek. They have to go through a Cave, Trees, and Rainforest. If they find all their friends, they win a big golden trophy. Warning: Contains spoilers.

    I don't really watch Dora the Explorer since I'm a teenager, so I decided to watch this episode that was on today just so I could review it, and boy what are parents thinking? This show claims it is supposed to help kids speak spanish and do many other things, too. Sure, it does other things. But, it doesn't even teach a lick of spanish. Dora says one word and sometimes two per episode. That's horrible.

    In this episode, Dora and her friends are to play hide and seek. If she could find all her friends, she will win a big golden trophy. But, before she does that, she has to go through a cave, tree, and rainforest. I stopped watching the episode after she finds a bear in a cave and escapes so I could review, but I assume that they are going to win.

    This episode was very boring like many of Dora the Explorer episodes. Dora is as slow a ever, the map is slow and won't shut up by repeating the same thing, and the backpack is annoying, too. This was a very boring episode. I rated it a sort of high rating because it did keep me watching for the time that it did because I was wondering what was to happen, but that's all.

    I recommend this episode for kids, but it's not for teenagers. It is fun or kids, but not at all educational. I admit that I don't know much about Dora The Explorer, and maybe this was just one episode that didn't have much Spanish, but hey, I just didn't like this episode. Maybe in the future I will review another episode.
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