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    I remember being a little kid before Dora aired on TV was a memorable movie called Land Before Time. As a preschooler it grabbed my attention because of the art and story line of young dinosaurs working together as a family to reach the Great Valley. Their journey was not an easy one. Littlefoot had to learn how to be a leader and had to deal with the tragedy of losing his mother. Cera had pride issues and had to learn to cooperate with others despite her stubbornness. Littlefoot and Cera view points had clashed to the point when they fought each other over who knew the right way to the Great Valley. Their quest for a new home and plan to kill the Sharptooth was a challenge that they had overcome together.

    In Dora the explorer her journey is simple. Go to three places marked on the map with little obstacles in the way and then arrive at the destination with repetitive catchy songs in-between. She doesn't experience great loss or conflicted very much with another person, nor had much challenges in the story that relatable for me. Dora the explorer relies firmly on the audience to move the story along instead of working more with her friends to solve the problem.

    Kids' programing has the potential to be good like Avatar the Last Airbender and the first Land Before Time movie. Just because it's for kids that doesn't mean the storyline is to have a lower quality compared to adult shows. Disney, PIxar, Dreamworks, and especially Studio Ghibli understood that their story lines need to be engaging and fun to attract an audience not just kids. I'm not asking for scarier and darker Dora but to give more respect to the intelligence of people of all ages.

    Could Dora's parents please take her to the eye doctor so she'll be given glasses to see better?

    The positive of the show that's okay is she teaches a bit of Spanish and kind to animals.

    That's all I'm going to say.
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