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Weekdays 9:00 AM on Nickelodeon Premiered Aug 14, 2000 In Season


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  • Annoying, racist, filled with profanity, and downright CRAPPY!

    Why Nick Jr? Why do you keep feeding our kids this crap? It's bad for them! The first season was the most annoying out of all of them!

    Dora: I need your help!

    Me: No you don't! *Obliterates TV*

    In the latest seasons, the art design swapped to this crappy CGI animation! Now all of the characters look like Slenderman compared to the older seasons of this "show"! On top of that, the art design is just ugly! Like on any other bad show, the plots are in a repeated cycle and never ever stops! I know this is for kids, but the writers are skilled higher than that! Nothing positive to say about this abomination to mankind! INEXCUSABLE! This show only cares about Mexico, and not the good ol' USA. WHY?! ;_; I bet that Dora's parents got their green cards taken away! In the pirate play episode, I literally heard Tico say the F word. MULTIPLE TIMES! IN ENGLISH! In this show, they mostly speak Spanish, and they speak so fast, it's hard to understand what they're saying! "Jisdhsuosdjhuewqrhpoiahf!" If you want your kids to learn multiple languages, GO TO THE LIBRARY AND BORROW SOME DICTIONARIES FOR MULTIPLE LANGUAGES! SIMPLE! Viacom, do us a favor, and cancel this show, and Dora Into the City. Please. This show lasted for too long and feels like it lasted longer than The Simpsons.

    UPDATE (MAY 13, 2014): And for those who are unaware, what I mean by "it's racist" is that I think this show is using Mexico's name in vain! I mean, those are Nick's versions of stereotypical Mexicans! On top of that, I don't even think Dora's Mexican! From the looks of her eyes, she looks more like an Asian!
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