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  • Painful and mediocre

    This show is worse than Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I'm not shitting you.

    This show is about a Spanish girl who goes on adventures in a forest with a monkey. OK, you can't be serious. She could've got beat up, raped, killed, or even kidnapped.

    Her parents do not give a f*** if her daughter travels in the forest by herself. Way to take care of your daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Marquez.

    What's annoying about this show is that they repeat the SAME songs over, and over, and over, AND OVER. Don't you think kids wanna hear something different instead of "Come on vamanos, everybody let's go"?

    The characters are also no-brainers. Every 5 seconds, they need YOUR help on something SO simple.

    Here's a example:

    Dora: Do you see the banana tree?

    Me: It's right behind you.

    Dora: *turns around* Where?

    Me: You gotta be kidding me...

    Also, here's another annoying thing. It's when they say "Swiper no swiping". After they say it for 3 times, Swiper just says "Aw man" and leaves. Okay, in real life that's not going to work. What were the creators smoking?

    The episodes are boring and not fun. The art is good after all, even though they can be bright. The characters are stupid, annoying, and awful, and the voice acting is bad.

    This show is NOT educational. If you're a parent, I would NOT recommend this TV show to your child.

    Above all, here's my grade: F-

    Now excuse me while I take my brain out of my head, because I keep humming the Backpack song.
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