Dora the Explorer - Season 3

Weekdays 9:00 AM on Nickelodeon Premiered Aug 14, 2000 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Jobs, Jobs, Jobs
    Episode 25
    Dora and Boots spend time thinking about they want to be when they grow up.
  • ABC Animals
    Episode 24
    Dora and Boots are with the Giant ABC Book, when the book opened the Armadillo came out asking for help. According to Armadillo, all of this animal friends inside the Giant ABC Book are missing and now he is all alone. Dora and Boots helps Armadillo find all of his animal friends by going through The Elevator at E, through The Slippery Slide at S and to Z.moreless
  • Best Friends
    Episode 23
    Its Best Friend's day, Dora and Boots are spending this day on Rainbow Rock for a special picnic. Dora and Boots are far away from each other, and had to separately meet up on Rainbow Rock. Dora is at The Strawberry Patch and had to go through The Gate and to The Rainbow Rock, while Boots is at The Chocolate Tree and had to go through The Crabs and to The Rainbow Rock.moreless
  • Baseball Boots
    Episode 22
    Dora and Boots are playing on a baseball game today, Boots is good at throwing and catching the ball, but he cannot hit ball no matter how he tries. Boots is planning to hit the ball for the first time and win the game, so everyone will cheer for him. Dora and Boots had to get to the baseball game by going through The Troll Bridge, across Pitcher's Pond, and to the Baseball Game.moreless
  • The Fix It Machine
    Episode 21
    Boots has a hole on his boot, Dora suggests that they go to the Super Duper Fix It Machine, with a squink and a boink and a ricekty pop it will take anything and fix it right up. On their way to the Super Duper Fix It Machine, they meet up with their friends also have holes in their things. Dora, Boots and their friends went all together through Crocodile Lake, over the Troll Bridge and to The Fix It Machine.moreless
  • 4/12/04
    The Big Red Chicken in hosting a Super Silly Fiesta and everyone is invited, but something is wrong, the cake for the party is missing. Upon hearing the Big Red Chicken's problem, Dora and Boots goes to the fiesta to help the Big Red Chicken find the cake for the party. In order to get to the fiesta, Dora and Boots goes through The Singing Gate, over the Troll Bridge and to The Fiesta.moreless
  • 4/19/04
    It is almost bedtime, Dora and Boots are having a sleep-over. Dora says she always sleeps with her Teddy Bear "Osito", and Boots with his Cuddly Dinosaur that he had since he was a baby. Boots discovers that his Cuddly Dinosaur is missing, Dora thought that Boots must have lost his Cuddly Dinosaur at Play Park earlier today. Dora and Boots needs to get back Boots' Cuddly Dinosaur before it gets dark, by going though the Animal Center, passed Benny's Barn and to Play Park.moreless
  • 10/13/03
    Dora and Boots are in a situation where they have to rescue Baby Jaguar, Isa and Benny who are currently in trouble simultaneously. Dora and Boots calms down and had to decide who to rescue first and they had to each rescue really fast. Dora created plans of rescue for each friend where she and Boots started with Baby Jaguar, then to Isa and then to Benny.moreless
  • What Happens Next?
    Episode 17
    Dora and Boots read the story about the 3 Little Pigs, when the story ended Boots asked what happens next. Dora thought of using their imaginations to make something up for the story to go on, in their version of the story they volunteered to help the King see his mommy again. Dora and Boots had to find the King's mommy by going through The 3 Bear's House, passed The Beanstalk and to The Rainbow.moreless
  • BOO
    Episode 16
    Its Halloween Eve, Dora and Boots met Little Monster who was out Trick or Treating. According to Little Monster, it is a rule that all monsters must be home before the Big Clock strikes 12 Midnight. Dora and Boots helps Little Monster get back home to his parents by going through The Pumpkin Patch, through The Good Witch's Forest and to The Monster House.moreless
  • Dora Saves the Game
    Episode 15
    Dora, Boots and Dora's entire family watches a big soccer game to root for Diego's big sister Daisy as her team plays on it. The game was stopped because Daisy's team is short of 1 player, Daisy and her teammates calls for Dora to join their team and save the game. Dora and Boots had to hurry to the soccer game by going through The Forest, over The Bridge and into The Soccer Game.moreless
  • To the South Pole
    Episode 14
    One day at the Animal Rescue Center, Dora, Boots and Diego meets with a newly rescued animal and discovers it is a little penguin. Dora, Boots and Diego helps the little penguin get back home to his parents by going across The Icy Water, over the Snowy Mountain and to The South Pole.moreless
  • Boots' Special Day
    Episode 13
    It is someone's special day and according to the Fiesta Trio, it is Boots' special day. On someone's special day, he or she could do anything they want and they could wear the special day crown. Dora goes with Boots as he plans to lead the Parade at The Big Drum Parade, pet the animals at The Animal Center and to see his Daddy at The Amusement Park.moreless
  • Baby Dino
    Episode 12
    Dora, Boots and Diego came across a big egg rolling down a hill, when the egg hatched out comes a baby dinosaur. Dora, Boots and Diego helps Baby Dino get back home to his mommy by going through The River, passed The T-Rex and to Dino Island.
  • Por Favor!
    Episode 11
    Dora reads Boots the Fairy Tale story about a young king named King Kaju, as she reads the story they discovers that King Kaju cannot be crowned because he needs to say "Por Favor" ("Please" in english) for the crown to come down. Dora and Boots enters the book to tell King Kaju the magic words "Por Favor" by going through the Dragon's Forest, over the Draw Bridge and to the Castle.moreless
  • 1/17/05
    Yo ho ho! Dora and Boots and all their friends are putting on a pirate show today for their mommies and daddies. The show's just about to start, when the Pirate Piggies sail in and take their treasure chest filled with costumes. Oh no! Without their pirate costumes, they can't put on the show. Dora, Boots and their friends set off on a musical adventure to get their costumes back so the show can go on! We sing as we sail across the Seven Seas and through the Singing Gate all the way to Treasure Island.moreless
  • Save the Puppies
    Episode 9
    While Dora and Boots are playing a Video Game called "Save the Puppies", a puppy from the video game came out to life to escape the Dog Catcher. Dora and Boots with the puppy enters the video game and helps to save all of the caught puppies by going through the Dog House, across The Dog Bone River and to the Doggie Cages.moreless
  • Meet Diego
    Episode 8
    One day in the Animal Rescue Center, Dora and Boots met Dora's cousin named Diego who can communicate with wild animals by making their specific sounds. After hearing a certain distress call, Dora, Boots and Diego discovers a Baby Jaguar is in trouble. Dora, Boots and Diego have to get to the Baby Jaguar by going through The Rain Forest, through The Big Cave and to The Waterfall.moreless
  • The Lost City
    Episode 7
    Where do toys go when they're lost? To the Lost City! But the Lost City is really hard to find. Dora and Boots are on an Indiana Jones-like adventure as they race through the Number Pyramid and take a quick shortcut to the Jumbled Jungle. If we can find the Lost City, Dora can get back her lost teddy bear, and all her friends can get back their lost treasures!moreless
  • 10/24/05
    One night when Dora and Boots are watching the stars, they met up with 5 little space creatures named Flinky, Inky, Plinky, Dinky and Al. When their spaceship got broken, Dora and Boots now have to help the little space creatures get back to their home by traveling through The Milky Way, through the Space Rocks and to The Purple Planet.moreless
  • The Big Potato
    Episode 5
    Benny the Bull found a magic wand and showed it to Dora and Boots. Benny thought of using the magic wand to do a magic trick by turning a rock into a potato, but the magic wand instead turned Benny into a Giant Potato by mistake. Dora found out that the owner of the magic wand is the Young Wizard, she thought of returning the magic wand to the Young Wizard and have him change Benny back to a bull. Dora and Boots takes Benny to see the Young Wizard by going through The Magic Garden, through The Golden Gate and to The Wizard's Castle.moreless
  • Roberto the Robot
    Episode 4
    Dora and Boots came across with an in-active Robot, after activating it with 8 batteries they discovered that he is lost Robot named Roberto. Dora and Boots helps Roberto the Robot get back home to his grandpa (his creator) by going over The Railroad Bridge, through the Volcano and to Grandpa's House.moreless
  • Louder!
    Episode 3
    What are we going to do? Cockledoodledoo! Dora and Boots help their friend, Red Rooster, get to the Highest Hill so he can wake up the Sun. Along the way we practice making lots of noise. We wake up the frogs, the boat, the pigs - and the Sun just in time for morning. íBuenos dias!moreless
  • Stuck Truck
    Episode 2
    One day in Boots' Room (Tree House), Boots is showing Dora all his trucks (10 Wheeler, Giant Crane, Bulldozer, Rojo (Fire Truck), Tow Truck and Ice Cream Truck). Boots receives a disdress call and discovers that Ice Cream Truck is in trouble, Boots calls for all of the trucks to help Ice Cream Truck near Play Park. Dora and Boots sets off to save Ice Cream Truck by going over Puzzle Bridge, across Crocodile Lake and to Play Park.moreless