Dora the Explorer - Season 4

Weekdays 9:00 AM on Nickelodeon Premiered Aug 14, 2000 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Star Catcher
    Episode 1
    Abuela has a special present for Dora: a beautiful purple Star Pocket. "If you have the Star Pocket, special stars will come," says Abuela.
  • Dora's First Trip
    Episode 2
    One night in Dora's house, Dora with her family and friends are having dinner. Dora tells the story about how she first met Boots, it was the during the first time she ever went out exploring. As Dora the Boots go exploring they met the others on the way (Tico, Isa, Benny), when they met the Fiesta Trio who were on their way to perform for the Queen Bee. As they leave they dropped their instruments. Dora and Boots helps take the instruments back to the Fiesta Trio by going through the Nutty Forest, across the Big River and up the Tallest Mountain.moreless
  • 9/24/04
    Dora and Boots step through a magical gate into Fairytale Land where they discover classic fairytale characters, sweets, and a mean Witch.
  • Star Mountain
    Episode 4
    Dora just got a present from her Abuela (Grandma), it is a necklace matching her bracelet. When Swiper swiped it and threw it away, all the way up to Star Mountain. According to Dora, Star Mountain is home to all of the Explorer Stars, so she decides to call for the Stars for their help. Dora and Boots goes to get the necklace back by going up The 15 steps, climb up the Diamond and up the Giant Star.moreless
  • 7/23/05
    Swiper is at it again, but this time he is equiped with his new Super Fast Swiping Machine that makes him swipe really fast. Dora and Boots on the other hand being experienced Super Spies, are also being equiped with new nifty spy gadgets. Swiper plans to swipe Tico's presents at his birthday party, but Dora and Boots discovers Swiper's plan. Dora and Boots sets off to stop swiper by going down the Underground River, through the Twisty Tunnel and to Tico's Party.moreless
  • 7/23/07
    Dora and Boots are going to school, on their way they heard someone singing Boots' favorite song. Following the song they discovered it was coming from a lady on a bike, it was Boots' "La Maestra Musica" (Boots' Music Teacher). Boots introduces Dora to his Music Teacher, when they heard the school bell La Maestra had to get to school before all the students does. When La Maestra's bike chain broke down, Dora and Boots helps La Maestra by going through the Town, over Musical Mountain and to the School.moreless
  • 10/3/05
    Dora and Boots are helping King Juan el Bobo to prepare for his Mommy's birthday party.
  • 10/1/04
    Today is Daisy's (Diego's Sister) La Fiesta de Quinceniera (15th Birthday). As Dora and Boots practice the Mambo dance, they receive a call from Daisy saying that she needs her Crown and Shoes for the party. The party cannot start without the celebrant's crown and shoes, so Dora and Boots had to hurry to give Daisy her special birthday present. Dora and Boots takes the fastest way to the party by going through the Barn, through the Rain Forest and to Daisy's party.moreless
  • Save Diego
    Episode 9
    It is a very busy day for Diego saving animals one after another, until he got caught into trouble himself while saving a baby bird. When Dora hears about this, she and Boots sets off to save Diego. Dora and Boots hurries to save Diego by going across "El Rio Rapido" (The Fast River), down the Super Big Mud Slide, and up to Rocky Mountain.moreless
  • 11/11/05
    Dora and Boots try to rescue Swiper the Fox from a magic bottle.
  • Baby Jaguar's Roar
    Episode 11
    Dora and Boots are in Diego's Animal Center for a visit.
  • Dora's Got A Puppy
    Episode 12
    Dora just got a new puppy named Perito, after Dora and Boots picked up a present for Perito from Abuela (Dora's Grandma), they have been warned to watch out for Swiper the Fox. Dora and Boots had to hurry home to take the present home to Perito, before Swiper swipes it. Dora and Boots hurries home and avoids Swiper by going through the Butterfly Garden, through the 10 Dancing Trees, and to Dora's House.moreless
  • World Adventure
    Episode 96
    All over the world, everyone's celebrating Friendship Day! But when Swiper mistakenly swipes all the special glowing Friendship Bracelets, Dora needs to team up with him to bring them back to the Friendship Parades in France, Tanzania, Russia, and China! In France, we sing the "Bonjour" song and meet the smiling Gargoyle who leads us to the Eiffel Tower. We journey across Tanzania on an elephant -- all the way to Mount Kilimanjaro. Next, we make silly faces to get the Russian Troll to laugh and open the gate to the Winter Palace, in Russia. Then, we take a train ride across China and "Super Jump" over the Great Wall. Join Dora and Swiper on their adventure all the way around the world, they really need your help.moreless
  • Big Sister Dora
    Episode 14
    Dora is about to become a big sister--and what a great big sister Dora will be with her talent for sharing, teaching, playing, and helping.
  • 10/4/05
    Dora and Boots jump into a book of nursery rhymes in order to return a lost lamb to her friend Mary.
  • Boots to the Rescue
    Episode 15
    Boots is singing Dora song which also happens to be her homework for school, Dora calls Boots saying that she left her song at Boots' house. Dora asks Boots to take her song to school when he goes there, but he has to hurry because school is about to start. Boots hurries to school with Dora's song by going through the Up and Down Jungle, through the Robot House and to School.moreless
  • Super Babies
    Episode 16
    The babies lose their banana baby food and most go find it. They can see through things and lift heavy objects. Dora and the babies have to get to the top of banana mountain to get the food before Swiper does.
  • 8/5/08
    The Super Adventure Race is here, and Dora, Boots, and the gang need the maps help to make it to the finish line.
  • Mixed-Up Seasons
    Episode 18
    Dora and Boots go through all the different seasons to get the pumpkin, flower, snowman and crab back to the right seasont they belong in.
  • The Shy Rainbow
    Episode 19
    Dora and Boots are on Rainbow Rock to watch the Rainbows, there they came across a shy little Rainbow (Arco Iris) hiding behind a little waterfalls. The Sun now needs another rainbow fast, Dora and Boots helps Arco Iris overcome his shyness by encouraging him. Dora, Boots and Arco Iris sets off to help the Sun by going over the Troll Bridge, across Sneezing Snake Lake and to Rainy Mountain.moreless
  • Baby Crab
    Episode 20
    Dora and Boots are playing in the beach, there they hear a call for help from a Baby Crab that is caught in a net. After freeing the Baby Crab and cheering him up, they discover that Baby Crab is lost and is far away from him. Dora and Boots helps Baby Crab get home to his mommy by going through the Sand Castle, through the Snapping Clams and to Crab Island.moreless
  • 11/5/07
    Dora and Boots set out to help Mariana the Mermaid to recover the magical crown to help wish the Mermaid Kingdom to be beautiful again and to stop the octopus from dumping trash on it.
  • Swiper the Explorer
    Episode 22
    Dora and Boots hears a crying sound and discovered a lost Baby Fox. When Swiper appeared to "swipe" Boots' ball, he sees the Baby Fox and volunteers to help bring back Baby Fox back home to his mommy. Dora, Boots and Swiper takes Baby Fox back home to his mommy by going through The Volcano, the Forest of Prickers and Thorns and to The Fox Hole.moreless
  • Catch the Babies
    Episode 23
    Dora must try to stop her siblings' baby carriage from rolling into the Gooey Geyser.
  • 9/6/05
    Dora and Diego take an adventure together in order to rescue Boots.
  • Undercover Dora
    Undercover Dora
    Episode 26
    Swiper invests a Super Swiping Machine and tries to steal all of the presents and cupcakes at a birthday party. It's up to Dora and Boots to stop him with their super-spy gadgets.