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    I LOVE THIS SHOW now it's one of my favorite cartoons it really rocks, it is so funny and the gadgets are very cool. this show is like the Fairly Odd parents( its a good cartoon) but a million times better the characters act feel like real people especially Doraemon and Noby, and the art looks super cool
  • my favourite DORAEMON

  • I Love Doraemon

    I Love Doraemon Because , When This Started I Saw Doraemon's Add And Thinked That I Will See His Episodes Regularly I See Regularly its Episodes .... Now Also It Is A Show That Could Never Ever In Our Life Can Stop
  • Doraemon is a show that should never stop

    doraemon is a classic which produced many movies, comics,and other stuff
  • This show is just a landmark in Japanese animation, maybe even animation in general.

    Started as a little magazine comic strip by Fujiko F. Fujio, Doraemon expanded into a mega franchise and is still expanding today. It's almost impossible to find someone in Japan that doesn't know about Doraemon, since it's been active for over 30 years.

    The premise of the series is about forth-grader Nobita Nobi, whose life is shameless, terrible, and unlucky. Almost everyday, he gets bullied by big, brutal Gian and fox-faced, rich Suneo. He mostly refuses to do his homework, and has a crush on a pretty schoolgirl whose name that somehow censors when I type it, who is Nobita's friend and sometimes, his enemy. One day, a blue cat-type robot from the 22nd Century named Doraemon pops out of his desk. Doraemon has arrived to Nobita as a protector. His gadgets on his 4D pocket can help Nobita change his fate for a better cause, or will it?

    This show is just a landmark in Japanese animation, maybe even animation in general. It's unfortunate that it never came to English-speaking countries including USA, England, and Australia. Well, there's hope for episodes with English subtitles on the net. On that thought, GO WATCH THEM! YOU WON'T REGRET IT!

    Also, the review by TVguy041295, that's me. I wrote that review when I was 10!
  • This is the best anime ever, but if Nobita has terrible, horrible, no good very bad day, just everyday Doraemon is a robot cat that pulls out inventions but hey, Doraemon, Nobita, girl Suneo, and Jain going for adventure, and inventions and

    This is the best anime ever, but if Nobita has terrible, horrible, no good very bad day, just everyday
    Doraemon is a robot cat that pulls out inventions
    but hey, Doraemon, Nobita, girl Suneo, and Jain going for adventure, and inventions and door. :)

    the reason I love Doraemon is aired in Japan for 30 years, how long,

    Jain and Suneo alway bully Nobita.

    Doraemon oves Dorayaki Nobita has zeros on his test and work every day on his worst day

    Nobiti try to make a good future to love girl

    Dora-chan Nobi-Chan Those invention can cure up Nobita's terrible, horrible, no good very bad day. i hope those bad days are over
  • Its a nice show of enimation I have ever seen.When I feel tension I go to watch this serial.

    I like jiyang the most he is the cutest of all. I dont know that in how many countries this show has gained publicity! But I am sure that if this show will become availabe to watch in all countries than it will become the favourite of the people. I really enjoys this show!
  • Impresive, but not in USA.

    The intensivly Science fiction anime since 1979! You may get intresed in this plot. My all-time mission is to bring it to the US, but how? This is very good for Scince fiction lovers. It has some comedy in this dazzling show too! Doraemon is very popular in japan, but will be MEGA popular here!
  • this show is so cute!

    i love this cat! doraemon is sooo cute! doraemon was sent from the future to help nobita to be successful so that his future family woudn't suffer... i mean so that they would become richer.... but instead of helping nobita nobi doraemon always ends up giving him gadgets wich gets him in trouble... this show is so funny! and it also teaches us to always follow the rules and always think of the consiquences of our actions... i just dont get why nobita doesn't think of anyone but himself... but this is a really funny show!
  • This is the funniest show!!!

    From the first episode, I could tell the new English dub, despite the heavy editing they had to go through, remains faithful to Fujiko F. Fujio's original story and premise, although I do wish the setting remained in Japan. I can't even remember a time I laughed this hard watching a TV show, let alone a Japanese anime clearly aimed at kids. The last time I laughed hard at a cartoon was when I saw the Mickey Mouse short Get A Horse! attached to Frozen. All in all, Doraemon is absolutely hilarious, and I totally recommend it to kids who probably haven't seen a non-Pokemon anime before.

    Oh, and did I mention the all star cast (including Mona Marshall as Doraemon and Johnny Yong Bosch as Noby/Nobita) all did a fantastic job? Not surprising since Bang Zoom! Entertainment did the ADR production.
  • Very good so far!

    Can't believe it took over 30 years for this anime to be localized here in North America. This anime is kinda like a mixture between several movies and cartoons like Back To The Future, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, The Simpsons, Phineas and Ferb, and The Fairly OddParents.
  • It's been about 30 - 40 years since Doraemon was introduced and they're still running popular.

    This is one of the shows which I grew up watching. I'm absolutely fascinated by the amount of high-tech stuff that Doraemon in his little pouch, and perhaps at times, how Nobita goes on misusing them and ending up in trouble.

    One thing for sure, these are impressive episodes that rarely fails to show their great ideas in. There may be no more episodes, but having their legacy being kept up until today is really something many people should know.

    I've seen some speculations about English-speaking countries not having this show aired. Hopefully the episodes can be dubbed in English (if not, add in subtitles) and be aired in these countries. I'm sure the rest of the world would want to find out what makes this show, and the character itself, so popular and great to watch.
  • It would be a good trendsetter if it were in the U.S., but only in Japan (and all the other countries they show this).

    Doraemon is one of the cutest shows with a very cute and loveable star! He's so cute that if you were holding a Doraemon plush, you wouldn't want to let go of him (if you're a girl or if you're a boy that just acts girly)! I like this show a lot, but I would like it more if they got rid of that Nobita kid because he sucks at everything including life, and he is a big loser! Unfortunately, the show wouldn't be the same without him and he makes people feel better about themselves because Nobita reminds everyone that no one is as pathetic as him. But what I like about this show is the crazy gadgets Doraemon has inside his magic pocket the best!
  • This should've STAYED in Japan!

    Really? THIS is what's more popular than Mickey Mouse?!

    Nobi's just Garfield's brain in a Japanese boy's body! He's lazy and makes Greg Heffley AND Gumball Watterson look well-adjusted! Is he really that dumb he hangs around people who OBVIOUSLY hate him?!