Disney XD Premiered Apr 02, 1979 In Season


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  • It would be a good trendsetter if it were in the U.S., but only in Japan (and all the other countries they show this).

    Doraemon is one of the cutest shows with a very cute and loveable star! He's so cute that if you were holding a Doraemon plush, you wouldn't want to let go of him (if you're a girl or if you're a boy that just acts girly)! I like this show a lot, but I would like it more if they got rid of that Nobita kid because he sucks at everything including life, and he is a big loser! Unfortunately, the show wouldn't be the same without him and he makes people feel better about themselves because Nobita reminds everyone that no one is as pathetic as him. But what I like about this show is the crazy gadgets Doraemon has inside his magic pocket the best!