Disney XD Premiered Apr 02, 1979 In Season


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  • It's been about 30 - 40 years since Doraemon was introduced and they're still running popular.

    This is one of the shows which I grew up watching. I'm absolutely fascinated by the amount of high-tech stuff that Doraemon in his little pouch, and perhaps at times, how Nobita goes on misusing them and ending up in trouble.

    One thing for sure, these are impressive episodes that rarely fails to show their great ideas in. There may be no more episodes, but having their legacy being kept up until today is really something many people should know.

    I've seen some speculations about English-speaking countries not having this show aired. Hopefully the episodes can be dubbed in English (if not, add in subtitles) and be aired in these countries. I'm sure the rest of the world would want to find out what makes this show, and the character itself, so popular and great to watch.