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The Stats on The Spoilers Bonus Round

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    After 8 months of watching it on GSN, I have kept up with the track record of The Spoilers. There were 73 plays of this bonus game, 40 where the Spoilers defeats the contestant while 33 times, the contestant beats the Spoilers for a total of $165,000.

    Here are the 73 subjects.

    The losing horns were heard when 3 Spoilers guessed these subjects...

    Julius Caesar, The Beatles, Agatha Christie, Star Trek, William Shakespeare, Kruschev, Ghandi, Popeye The Sailor, The Devil, Henry Kissinger, Lucille Ball, Mississippi River, Perry Mason, Prohibition, Football, The CIA, The Prophet Mohamed, Vampires, M*A*S*H, The Statue of Liberty, Australia, The Mormon Church, Robert Louis Stevenson, The French Foreign Legion, The Alamo, Michelangelo, Laugh-In, Jimmy Carter, Rudyard Kipling, Robin Hood, Charles Darwin, Woodrow Wilson, Golf, New Orleans, The Salvation Army, Christopher Columbus, The Stock Market Crash of 1929, Werwolves, Welcome Back Kotter, The Berlin Wall

    The $5,000 was won when none, 1 or 2 Spoilers didn't guess these subjects...

    Laverne & Shirley, Sigmund Freud, Judy Garland, John D. Rockefeller, Wonder Woman, Guys & Dolls, Paul Simon, Princess Anne, Lenin, Neil Simon, Rembrant, Ludwig Von Beethoven, Lizzie Borden, Chastity Belt, Alfred E. Neuman, Walter Mondale, Howdy Doody Show, Leonard Bernstein, Cleopatra, Hans Christian Anderson, John Steinbeck, Disneyland, The Big Mac, The Sound of Music, From Here to Eternity, Superman, Slot Machines, Audrey Hepburn, John Lennon, Roots, The Merchant of Venice, Jimmy Connors, Wolfgang Mozart

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