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Double Dare 2000

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Double Dare 2000 is a family friendly Nickelodeon show hosted by Jason Harris. In each episode, two family teams compete against each other, and both teams have two parents and two children. The host asks each team to answer a trivia question. If the family members can answer it, they get twenty-five dollars. If they don't know the answer or believe that the other team will not know the answer, they can dare the other team to give the correct response. An incorrect answer from the opposing team will earn the original family fifty dollars. On the other hand, the rival family can decide to give the first family the question back and double dare that team to answer it. Then, the team must either answer the question or take part in a messy, thirty-second physical challenge worth one hundred dollars. At the end of the show, the team with the highest score gets to participate in an obstacle course to earn prizes. This television show is not only lighthearted and amusing, it also teaches children the value of working together as a family.


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AIRED ON 2/16/2000

Season 1 : Episode 16

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Comedy, Game Show, Kids, Reality


high stake situations, hilarious pranks, outrageous situations, Grade Schoolers, for the nostalgic