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Double Dare

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Double dare is undoubtedly the phenomenon that made Nickelodeon what it is today. The rules go something like this:

Each round starts off with a toss-up physical challenge. Whoever wins gets $10 and control of the game. Host Marc Summers (Jason Harris in Double Dare 2000) asks the winning team a question. If they don't know the answer or think the other team doesn't have a clue, they can dare them to answer it for double the dollars. But they have to be careful because they can double dare the first team back for 4 times the amount. Then, they either have to answer the question or take a physical challenge. In round 2, dollar values are doubled. The winner of the game moves on to the obstacle course, where they navigate through 8 obstacles and they win a prize for each obstacle. If they make it through all 8 obstacles, they win the grand prize. Double Dare history

On October 6, 1986, the first episode of Double Dare was taped at WHYY studios in Philadelphia. In 1987, Nickelodeon decided to create a short-lived weekend edition called Super Sloppy Double Dare, which was cancelled after about 20 episodes. One year later, in 1988, Fox bought syndication rights from Nickelodeon, so they created another short-lived edition called Family Double Dare. Because Fox wanted more adult material on their network, Family Double Dare was canned after 13 episodes. But the good news: the original Double Dare was still in production.

Later, in 1989, other kids game shows came into play, thus causing Double Dare's ratings to drop a little. So Nickelodeon reincarnated Super Sloppy Double Dare and dusted it off to incorporate the "super sloppiness". This version of Super Sloppy Double Dare lasted about one season, but it had 100 episodes, plus a bunch of special episodes. Then, in 1990, Nickelodeon reincarnated Family Double Dare, redesigning the Fox version. A year later, in 1991, because of these new spin-offs, the original Double Dare was cancelled, but its spin-offs remain. In 1992, a two-episode spin-off called Super Special Double Dare was created. In Super Special Double Dare, Nickelodeon celebrities played against each other (usually boys against girls). In the first episode of Super Special Double Dare, the cast of Clarissa Explains It All played against the cast of Welcome Freshmen. The second episode was the NBA All-star special. In 1993, the last season was shown. Harvey had to quit his job of announcer because of the birth of his son Caleb. So Doc Holiday took over. The final episode was the hour-long Family Double Dare Tournament of Cahmpions, which pitted the smartest and fastest teams against each other. After that, Double Dare was officially cancelled, but Family Double Dare played reruns until 1999. Like Marc Summers said in his autobiography, Everything In Its Place, "We had enough episodes on tape to do reruns forever".

That could have been the end of Double Dare...until January 22, 2000! Double Dare was reincarnated as Double Dare 2000. Jason Harris was the new host of this short-lived revival of Double Dare. The preview Snick episode of Double Dare 2000 pitted the cast of the Amanda Show and the cast of 100 Deeds For Eddie McDowd against each other. The show was cancelled in December of 2000, but, just like the other Double Dare spin-offs, reruns are shown on Nickelodeon GASmoreless

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  • Loved it when it started.

    I watched Double Dare and its Family spinoff. I didn't know Y2k existed. I just watched San Diego's Comic-Con 2016 which was rad.
  • Marc Summers RULES

    Grew up watching this show. Cool.
  • Best Nick Gas show.

    I'm only gonna talk about the 2000 version of it.The 2000 version or known as Double Dare 2000 was like one of the best game shows ever.My favorite part of the show is the obsticle course.That part is like awesome.They give away prizes and they give away the good ones like a Nintendo 64.They ask a bunch of very easy questions and it's like one of the best Nick Gas shows and it's very better than that bad Nickelodeon GUTS.That show was dreadful,but this one is not very dreadful.It's good.I would like to say that I miss the the old version of Nick from 2003.moreless
  • Watched your show on 7/19/06 with my grand children and found a wrong answer given as correct! The question was \"something shaped in the shape of a bowl is found in what constellation? Answer given by the red team \"Taurus\"! That is wrong!moreless

    Ursa Major, the Big Bear is the correct answer! I know this as correct from my knowledge of astronomy! Also the amount of pizzas needed in the triple dare by the red team was 6 [one coming from the mailbox, leaving 5 needed, not the 4 that gave them the points! The blue team was cheated and should be brought back on your show!
  • Since I was a baby, I grew up loving this show. The greatest game show of all time is Double Dare!!!!

    I have grown up watching Double Dare. Every version!!! Marc Summers is one of the best hosts I've ever seen. He's sooo funny. He also is just a great leader. Without trying too hard. I think he just shows up and the rest work it self out. The obstabcle course is my personal favorite part of the show. Every season the stunts got better. As Marc has says there are so many episodes they will live on forever in re-runs. I just hope GSN will buy it so I can watch it on there.

    On your mark! Get Set!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOO!moreless

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