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  • Loved it when it started.

    I watched Double Dare and its Family spinoff. I didn't know Y2k existed. I just watched San Diego's Comic-Con 2016 which was rad.
  • Marc Summers RULES

    Grew up watching this show. Cool.
  • Best Nick Gas show.

    I'm only gonna talk about the 2000 version of it.The 2000 version or known as Double Dare 2000 was like one of the best game shows ever.My favorite part of the show is the obsticle course.That part is like awesome.They give away prizes and they give away the good ones like a Nintendo 64.They ask a bunch of very easy questions and it's like one of the best Nick Gas shows and it's very better than that bad Nickelodeon GUTS.That show was dreadful,but this one is not very dreadful.It's good.I would like to say that I miss the the old version of Nick from 2003.
  • Watched your show on 7/19/06 with my grand children and found a wrong answer given as correct! The question was \"something shaped in the shape of a bowl is found in what constellation? Answer given by the red team \"Taurus\"! That is wrong!

    Ursa Major, the Big Bear is the correct answer! I know this as correct from my knowledge of astronomy! Also the amount of pizzas needed in the triple dare by the red team was 6 [one coming from the mailbox, leaving 5 needed, not the 4 that gave them the points! The blue team was cheated and should be brought back on your show!
  • Since I was a baby, I grew up loving this show. The greatest game show of all time is Double Dare!!!!

    I have grown up watching Double Dare. Every version!!! Marc Summers is one of the best hosts I've ever seen. He's sooo funny. He also is just a great leader. Without trying too hard. I think he just shows up and the rest work it self out. The obstabcle course is my personal favorite part of the show. Every season the stunts got better. As Marc has says there are so many episodes they will live on forever in re-runs. I just hope GSN will buy it so I can watch it on there.

    On your mark! Get Set!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  • This is the best kids game show ever. i was in love

    I love this a lot, especially since my family was on it. BALLIN\'efasdf asdfas d fads fasdf as fdfads fsadfdd d d d df d aj kld ads f ds hah asdfy sr hya sdfh asdga sdgh as ha sfh as ha sdgh aer werh a fha sdfg asd ga sd ga gt ase a er q q ef asd ga hf t ht jh tj ty j tj y j yj yjy j yj y j yj y j yjyj y j stry dstr r s cv v v v a d ed e er ddfadsf d dd d d d d.
  • great show

    This is one of the very few shows i\'ve seen from the first episode, to the last episode (1993 Family Double Dare.). It\'s just that great! This form (The original.) is a great form, but can\'t hold a candle to the later versions of Double Dare. The physical challenges, though unique, felt like an old \"Beat the Clock\" episode. None were too messy, except for the egg stunts. The obstacle course on the other hand, was very messy and nothing will EVER hold a candle to it. That\'s why I think any form of Double Dare, is the best game show ever. And I haven\'t even talked about the greatness that is Harvey, Marc, Robin, and Dave! Marc Summers is easily the best host you can think of, and he knew when to act professional, and he knew when to act funny. Harvey was the perfect announcer, and it was fun seeing him act out a physical challenge or obstacle course (Sometimes with Marc!). Dave and Robin were also very funny! Anyone else remember the saga of \"Hey!\"?

    This show rocks. It rocks more than rocks. It is rock crazy. Slime, crazyness at every part in it. Bring it back, bring it back, bring it back! The game shows of the u.s.a may be dead(kind of) But its on Gas. But only 2000. So lets tell nick to bring it back! And have it be back with new shows of it. It will be ex doubel dare 2006! Come on if you hate it than I don't know you any more. (will if my frend does not. No matter what don't know you) Ha, ha. This show rocks!
  • Offbeat obstacle course show that was always exciting to watch.

    This game show featured teams answering questions for points. At times you'd have to test your agility in a "Physical Challenge." Give a wrong answer to the questions and you were drenched in the show's trademark material of doom, "Slime," a muddy green goop. At the end of the show, the winners got to compete in a giant obstacle course, in a race against the clock. They scrambled down slides, searched through ball-crawls and evaded booby traps. If they collected all the hidden flags, fabulous prizes awaited.

    Marc Summers was the first (and best) host. Nickelodeon hit pay dirt with this show, which had everything to appeal to children of all ages.
  • Ah, the memories...

    This show has always provided me with such fond childhood memories. My brother and I would watch it all the time, watching those wacky kids covering themselves in goop, laughing at Marc Summers' jokes, and hanging on the edge of our seats during the obstacle course run. I was just growing up throughout the show's run, but luckily I was able to enjoy the show in reruns all the way until 1999, and then shortly after that they revived the show (Double Dare 2000), giving me all the more chance to relive those memories. Too bad about its short life. Why did Double Dare have to go?!
  • The greatest children's game show of all-time.

    Double Dare was more than just a game show; it was 30 minutes of excitement. The suspense of daring the opposition to answer a question to which you're not sure of the answer, and the hope of double daring so that they could take the physical challenge. The thrill of getting all messy doing all those crazy stunts, whether it was gak, shaving cream, or any other liquidy substance, including, of course, Nickelodeon's trademark green slime. And, of course, the tension of the obstacle course, with a maximum of eight prizes at stake, seeing youngsters do what they can just to get their hands on red flags to hand to their partners, even if it means having to go through many assorted objects. Yes, Double Dare was the gold standard by which all children's game shows should be judged. It was also one of the greatest programs ever to be broadcast on the Nickelodeon network, which by the series' premiere, was finding its true following. This show was a true benchmark in the Classic Nick era, and even aired in reruns as that era phased out into the modern Nick era. Although Nick has seen a lot of great shows since then, such as "Ren and Stimpy", "Spongebob Squarepants" and "The Fairly Odd Parents", nothing ever can compare to the greatness that Double Dare had to offer. The daring was a great element, the stunts were perfectly planned, Marc Summers was the perfect host for the show, and, through all its changes, the show was a true success. If you have digital cable or satellite TV, I would suggest that you check out "Double Dare" on the Nickelodeon GAS network, and you'll find out just how great the greatest children's game show of all-time really was. And if you're disappointed, then you'd better watch out for falling slime.
  • I love this show.

    Double Dare was the incredible show on Nickolodeon hosted by Marc Summers. Involved trivia questions and wacky stunts. The show was topped off by a obstacle course. Bring it back it was so great it was funny the obstacle course was great like finding the flag in a nose or pizza or ball pin it was just great.
  • The show that started Nickelodeon is still great to watch today.

    Double dare was a great show especially with Mark Summers hosting. Most kids today have never even heard of it. The show had that perfect blend of trivia, physical challenges and slop that every kids show tried to find. I think this show needs new episodes and more attention than it has now.
  • It Gets Too Much Credit.

    This show isn't original at all, there are way too many people that are copying off of the original Double Dare, it looks like this kids show got the name off of it, and the older Card Sharks stole the music from Double Dare. It may be a good show, but right now I am not going to give it a much positive rating, and if it is that good, then why not come up with a name of its own?! But anyways, THIS version of Double Dare airs on a Viacom Network, either Nick or Nick Games and Sports, (probabably Nick Games and Sports, since it is a competition). But this show is better than SPLAT! and Friday Night (and Monday Night) Slime Time... but anyways, it isn't from Double Dare hosted by Alex Trebek, and it's a nice show, we all know why it got cancelled or whatever, but THIS Double Dare is from a line of other Double Dare game shows, with all original titles, so why doesn't this one have its own title?!....
  • i love this game show!

    This game show was so good! It was so good they brought it back in 2000 for another season. It wasn't as good as the original, but that doesn't matter. It was still GOOD. I loved the physical challenges they did. I loved the obstacle course at the end(i've always wanted to be on one of those obstacle courses), and the prizes were always awesome! This was without a doubt the greatest nickelodeon game show ever(or at least at the time it aired). It almost made me envious sometimes when i saw the families on that show get slimed. They don't need to bring it back with another season, just reruns. I don't care! I'll definately still watch it!
  • Double Dare was the incredible show on Nickolodeon hosted by Marc Summers. Involved trivia questions and wacky stunts. The show was topped off by a obstacle course.

    I loved this show when I was younger, I watched it everytime it was on. I would fine myself jumping up and screaming at the television during the obstacle course. The questions were the perfect difficulty also. They weren't hard but they weren't no-brainers either, all in all it was a very fun show.