Double Dragon

Season 1 Episode 2

The Legend Continues

Aired Unknown Sep 19, 1994 on

Episode Recap

This episode opens at Metro City's new fusion plant, which is about to be put online for the first time. All of the citizens, including Billy Lee are on had for the occasion. The plant is dedicated and swich on for the first time.

As this is happening, the shadow master is in the process of restoring his headquarters. One of his shadow warriors comments on how fast the hole process went. The shadow master responds by making him part of the stone mural background of the hideout, for falling to bring him Billy Lee, he dose the same with another of his goons for the same reason. Jimmy Lee appears and the shadow master decides to spare him, for now. He orders Jimmy to take sickle and Trigger Happy and Bring Billy lee (Jimmy's twin Brother) and the dragon sword, to him. Jimmy leaves on his mission, while the shadow master takes his remain shadow warriors and heads to the fusion pant. He plans to revers its polarity and use it to make everything dark, allowing him to gain even more power.

At the dragon dojo, Billy is carefully monitoring a sparring match between Michael, who we met and was featured a lot in the previous episode, and Jason, another student who has been training there for a while, it appears that weeks have passed since the first episode. Jason becomes frustrated, with not being able to get a point against Michale, despite his best efforts. He loses his temper and focus, causing him to leave him self open for a foot sweep, which Michale performs perfectly. This causes Jason to take a nasty fall on the mat, which pushes him over the edge, in terms of his self control.

Michael, showing good sportsmanship, bends down to help him up. Before he can, Jason quickly gets back on his feet and throws a punch, then a kick! Michael steps back to avoid them, but is clearly in trouble! Jason is about to punch Michael in the face, when Billy grabs his fist and stops his attack! He tells him that he lost because of his anger. He then instructs Jason to clear his mind, then continue the bout.
Jason seems to genuinely feel bad, about trying to punch Michael in the face. He clears his mind and continues the match, this time more focused and seemingly happier then before. Michale goes first with a kick, which Jason ducks, he then counters with his own kick, which lands and almost makes Michael fall. Billy praises Jason and dismisses the for the night.

Meanwhile, out side the dojo, Jimmy knocks out a manhole cover and appears with his two shadow warriors. He then enters the dragon dojo. Inside, Billy is cleaning up mats from the days lessons, Jimmy appears and greets his brother. Billy hopes that Jimmy is there to join him, but this is clearly not the case. Jimmy attacks his bother with a flying kick, which Billy easily ducks. Jimmy's kick dose knock down a stack of mats that Billy had just finished staking. Billy dose a flip to avoid them, then blocks his brothers kick. He grabs Jimmy's leg and throws jimmy, Not wanting to hurt his brother, he throws him toward the mats that fell earlier. Jimmy lands hard but safely. Jimmy quickly gets up to attack his brother again!
Billy pleads with Jimmy to stop, as he dose not want to fight him. Jimmy responds by using his shadow sward on Billy. desperate to take cover, from the blast, Billy uses on of the mats as a shield, the blast rips a hole right through it and sends him flying into the wall. Billy quickly gets up dose a flip and disarms his brother with a kick. Billy tells his brother, if he wants a fair fight, hell give him one, meaning hand to hand. Jimmy agrees and they begin to fight, hand to hand. As this is happening, sickle and trigger happy try to take the dragon sword. they quickly find, however, that this will not be easy. The sword wont let them any ware near itself. Just then, Michael shows up, Billy pleads for him to leave. This distraction allows Jimmy to get his shadow sward and attack Billy. Billy gets to the dragon sward and uses to defend himself against Jimmy. Billy, as he continues to fight with his sword, is taken down, by an underhanded foot sweep from Jimmy! Michael rushes to help billy, before he can, he is grabbed by sickle. Billy tells Jimmy he will "release" his dragon sward if he lets Michael go, Jimmy agrees, because Billy always keeps his word.
Sickle lest Michael go and Michale quickly flees the seen. Billy releases the Dragon sword and throws it, so it lands back on its stand. Jimmy quickly discovers that he cant get near it. Billy replies that he kept he word by "releasing it" If he wants it he'll have to take it. After a few more attempts, Jimmy decides to destroy it and the dojo. As the dojo burns, Jimmy takes Billy back to the shadow masters dojo.

Seeing this, Michael calls Marian Martin, who is a police officer that deputized Billy, for help. She is unable to, as she and the rest of the police department, are trying to protect the fusion plant from the shadow master and his warrior. She in fact could use billy help herself.

At the shadow masters Dojo, Jimmy is chastised for not bringing the dragon sword back. He is orders to place Billy in a cell. As this is happening, the shadow master orders his shadow warriors to get rid of both of them!
As Billy and Jimmy arrive in the dungeon, Jimmy is pushed in with his brother. Trigger happy then tries to shoot Jimmy with a laser,, but jimmy knocks him out of the way in time. The two work together to fight their way out of the shadow dojo and head back to the dragon dojo. An their way, Jimmy's dragon birthmark begins to glow, showing that he was meant to be a good guy After all!
Once Back at the remains of the now burned dojo, Billy and Jimmy find that the dragon sward survived the fire. With some encouragement form Billy, Jimmy touches it and the oldest dragon appears. His time short, the oldest dragon teaches them the creed they must recite, to activate their dragon powers. Jimmys shadow sword becomes a dragon sword and their powers activate. They catch site of what has been happening at the fusion plant. They find that dragon vehicles have survived and use one to race to the plant.

Working together, the dragons quickly stop the turbines form begin reversed. They then both fight the shadow master together. They defeat him but the shadow master vows he'll be back. The citizens arrive and cheer them. Jimmy is quick to soak up the glory. Jimmy now admits that he likes working for the good guys.

Marain sees the dragons but dose recognize them. Billy and Jimmy decide they can trust her and touch swards to turn off their dragon powers. Marain is shocked to find that Jimmy is now on their side. When she asks if Billy trusts Jimmy, he replies that, according to the legend, he has to. Marain decides to deputize Jimmy as well.

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