Double Rush

CBS (ended 1995)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Crimes and Mrs. DeMotto
      No synopsis available.
    • The Documentary
      The Documentary
      Episode 12
      PBS comes to Double Rush for part of their documentary on bicycle messengers. During the shoot a big account is lost and Johnny must decide who to let go.
    • Slamming Into a Car Isn't Good
      Brubeck tries to find out about the mysterious Barkley. Marlon wins the debate about who should get a rush job, but is hospitalized after hitting a cab. The gang spends some time at the hospital trying to find him.
    • Love Letters
      Love Letters
      Episode 10
      Hunter's back and forth rush delivery of "love" letters between a young couple, affects the rest of the staff.
    • Hell's Angel
      Hell's Angel
      Episode 9
      A guy who Johnny grew up with was "nothing but trouble"; however, now he is a priest, but things haven't really changed, when he bounces a bad check.
    • Lower East Side Story
      Though Double Rush wages war against Ed Foley's courier company, Hunter begins dating Ed's daughter.
    • The Show We Wrote The Day We Found Out We Were Going On Opposite Roseanne
      Leo loses a big account, so Johnny fires him. Leo finds a new job with a couple of "wiseguys" he once served time with.
    • Snowings and Goings
      In the midst of a blizzard, Leo and Zoe wind up in the back seat of a car together, "the Kid" fills in as a talk show guest, Hunter is trapped by an elderly woman whom thinks he is her son and Johnny must lookout for a rock star, whose bound to miss his gig.moreless
    • Johnny and the Pacemakers
      Johnny reunites with his old band and their gig goes great. Later, when he wants to experience everything that he missed out on, he finds time has caught up with them all.
    • They Shoot Guns, Don't They?
      The gang pressures Johnny to get a gun after Double Rush is robbed. The gun is used once but not for the second robbery.
    • Comings and Goings
      When a small profit of $500 is discovered, Johnny wants to buy a $250 chair and a competition is held, $250 dollars to whomever makes the most runs. Marlon delivers precious gems to wealthy white people; Leo must talk a CBS TV comedy executive out of committing suicide; Zoe must deliver sperm to an ovulating wife; however, Hunter hits a pedestrian, whom hangs out at the Blue Shamrock, and threat of a lawsuit may put the profit in jeopardy.moreless
    • I Left My Socks in San Antonio
      Johnny has a bet on the Spurs beating the Knicks and sends Hunter to deliver Dennis Rodman's socks to the Garden, but he brings the gym bag back to the office instead. Zoe tries to organize the office and throw the socks away, so Barkley makes fake ones.
    • The Episode Formerly Known as Prince
      Johnny Verona gets a chance to sell his bicycle messenger service, but turns it down when he finds out his people won't be included with the deal, the same thing that kept him from being a big rock star. A competition is held against Foley's company to secure a contract with a new advertising company; meanwhile, an unemployed Harvard graduate stops by the office to get a proposal delivered and winds up getting a job biking and keeping the books.moreless