Double Talk

ABC (ended 1986)




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Double Talk

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Double Talk was a remake of NBC's 1977 Shoot for the Stars. In fact, the show's pilot was titled Shoot the Works and was hosted by Geoff Edwards. It was created by Bob Stewart. Once picked up by ABC it was renamed Double Talk. Two teams, each made up of a contestant and a celebrity, would compete.
Main Round: One team began by picking a concealed puzzles behind the numbers 1 through 4. Then, they had to decipher the "Double Talk" phrases, which were well known titles and sayings put into a synonym form. One player would solve the first half, and the other would solve the second. Each puzzle was worth 10 points. The controlling team could play until they solved all four puzzles or until they messed up. If either partner couldn't solve their half, the other team could try and if they solved it they would receive 5 points and take control of the round. The team with the most points would go on to the bonus round.
The $10,000 Bonus Round: The team participating in the bonus round had to light up the letters in DOUBLE TALK in 60 seconds or less. The D was lit for free. Each of the other letters had two words the celebrity could see, and the contestant could only see the first letters of the two words. The celebrity would then have to come up with incomplete sentences to lead the contestant to the answer (in later episodes the contestants could choose to give the clues to the celebrities instead). After the 60 seconds if they failed to light all of the letters they didn't receive the $10,000. However, $100 was paid for every letter that was lit.
After the bonus round the contestants would then swap celebrity partners and game two would begin. The contestant who earned the most money returned for the next episode. If there was a tie, both players would return.
The theme music on Double Talk was the same as the theme music on the game show, Blankety Blanks.
The show was also known as Celebrity Double Talk.moreless