Double The Fist

Friday 11:20 PM on ABC1 Premiered May 21, 2004 Between Seasons


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Double The Fist

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"Double the Fist" is a send-up of extreme sports and shows like "Jackass". Whereas the Jackass guys try to humiliate and hurt each other, the guys on "Double the Fist" (who call themselves "The Fist Team") do things that would obviously kill them. They manage to get around this by firstly ignoring the rules of death, and secondly by the use of camera tricks and cheap-and-nasty computer generated effects (which are themselves used for comic effect). Steve Foxx, the host, is the most extreme person on the planet, and the only person capable of rewarding people with The "Full Fist", which is the ultimate symbol of extremity. The pursuit of 'Fist', the main aim of the 'contestants' on the show, requires strength, power, knowledge, and most importantly, PAIN! The "Full Fist" will earn an individual the respect and admiration of their fellow peers in the extreme community. Rod Foxx, Steve's brother, considers himself the most extreme professional athlete on the planet, and believes that he can accomplish any physical task and act. Mephisto, a man who may or may not have been a security guard in the past (but he at least took a 3-day course) is a psychotic individual who hates everyone and won't let anyone or anything get in his way of earning 'Fist'. The Womp, an ex-wrestler who because of a childhood brain injury has a brain incapable of maturing, uses his high-pain-threshold to complete the tasks given to him.moreless