Double The Fist

Friday 11:20 PM on ABC1 Premiered May 21, 2004 Between Seasons


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  • Full Fist!!!

    This is one action packed and hilarious show made in my homeland of Australia. Steve Foxx hosts this extreme game show as the Fist Team, made up of Rod Foxx, Mephisto, Tina T and The Womp battle it out in death defying contests for the prize of getting the Full Fist. Although not many episodes have been made Double The Fist has won TV awards in best comedy. This is one extreme show with the Fist Team taking on death and most of all pain in the attempt to earn Fist. Fans of extreme sports and comedy will love this show.
  • The most original Australian TV show in years. A laugh riot that the world will never know about.

    "Double the Fist" is without a doubt the single best Australian TV show ever made.

    True, compared to Australian TV in general that's not much of an achievement, but still.

    A clever, full-on, fast-paced social satire that mocks popular culture, it is one of the most original TV series in recent years.

    The ABC should be ashamed of themselves for canceling this brilliant piece of Australian television. This series is the true underdog story. It was rejected by every channel except ABC, but only on the condition that it be shown 11:30pm Friday nights. Depite this drawback, not only did it became a cult sensation, but at the very next AFI awards (Australian Film Institute, an awards night voted by judges rather than the public), Double the Fist won the award for best Australian Comedy, sitcom or sketch, beating the favourite "Kath & Kim".

    To get an idea of what the show is like, think of it as a cross between "Jackass" and "The Goodies".

    Primarily the show is a spoof of shows like Jackass; where those shows do things that will injure and/or humiliate an individual, the Fist Team do things that would obviously kill them. Tackling subjects ranging from Reality Television, to protesting, to sport, to Terrorism, this show is thought-provoking and a laugh riot. Next time you get a chance, check it out.

    If you'd like to make your life more fistworthy, then all you have to do is sign my online petition to the ABC, demanding they bring back this brilliant Australian program:

  • A fistworthy show

    This is a great show. I like all the stunts performed and I also like the overuse of the word weak. They should bring it back, who cares about some weak council complaining about it? More people like it. Better then a;ll the shows it makes fun of. Double Fist.
  • Freakin' Awesome


    I heard that Double the Fist beat Kath and Kim for some massive award. (I think it was the AFI's) Thats just how good this show is.

    I often find myself laughing so much I am in tears while watching this. To get the full fist you have to do something completely outrageous and dangerous and survive. Usually its a gruesome death!

    Steve Foxx is great as the host. The Womp, Mephesto and Rod Foxx are the original contestants. Later on came Womp clones and a girl. (I can't remember her name)

    Fortunately there are repeats on now, so I can catch up with one of my favourites!

  • great aussie show

    When I first saw this show I was amazed, the CGI is really good for the very small budget this show got. I also couldn't believe that it was an Australian show, its to good to be Australian. It won an award but the funny thing is nobody new about it.
  • A much underappreciated show that will provide many laughs for those who track it down.

    Double the Fist received basically no advertising from the ABC, and ran in a not-so-desirable timeslot. However, it was a cutting-edge program produced with next to no budget. It's clear that for the four men who wrote, directed, produced, and acted this show, this was a labour of love. Deeply satirical of most faucets of modern life, the show combined witty and childish brilliantly, with a biting piece of social satire often followed up with slapstick. Television itself was often the victim of the shows mockery, with the team gleefully twisting convention. The winner of 2004 AFI for Best Television Comedy - Sitcom or Sketch, this show is hilarious and well worth seeking out.