Double Up

NBC (ended 1992)


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Double Up

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I'm Telling was Newlywed Game Jr., Double Up was Dating Game Jr. A brother & sister would take part in setting each sibling up. The boy quizzed three boys for his sister while she would quiz three girls. After the quiz, the audience would choose who they think the brother & sister picked. They would write down their answers, stuff em in Nerf balls & throw them out on the stage. Then the brother/sister would dump the two losers down (ala Russian Roulette) leaving the one choice for their sibling. If the audience agrees with either the brother/sister, a One-Up match was made. If it's both siblings, a Double Up Match was made & the two couples get a cooler prize (day @ a waterpark, limo ride to a rock condert, etc.). Like TDG, they were chaperoned. The series ended in a tie; BROTHERS-5/SISTERS-5. This show had only 7 episodes & was canned in October. Why? So NBC could have their (then) season series, NBA Inside Stuff.


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