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Created by former Nickelodeon artist Jim Jinkins in 1990 and produced through Jinkins' production company, Jumbo Pictures Inc., Doug follows the life of an average kid named Doug Funnie.

In 1991, the Nickelodeon produced episodes began airing and we find 11 1/2 year-old Douglas Yancey Funnie and his family (Phil, Theda and sister Judy), having just moved from their former residence in Bloatsburg, to the new town of Bluffington. There he meets Skeeter, Patti, Roger and Beebe, and his new life in a new town begins! Doug writes in his journal and sometimes even imagines himself as a superhero named Quailman to help him out with difficult situations and decisions.

In 1994 after 52 episodes, Doug was cancelled by Nickelodeon. In February 1996, Disney Enterprises bought Jumbo Pictures, Inc. and ordered new episodes of "Doug" to be produced (re-named "Brand Spanking New! Doug" and then later "Disney's Doug").

Disney aired the series as part of ABC's Saturday Morning lineup in the fall of 1996 (following Disney's purchasing of the network), and the show became part of Disney's One Saturday Morning block in the fall of 1997. These episodes aired on ABC's SATURDAY MORNING block (later renamed Disney One Saturday Morning) from September 7, 1996 to September 9, 2000.

In 1999, after 3 seasons, 65 additional episodes and a feature-length movie, "Disney's Doug" went out of production. Doug spawned merchandise such as clothes, toys and a number of books. During the course of the show, Doug was nominated for 4 Daytime Emmy Awards.

Billy West

Billy West

Douglas Yancey Funnie (1991-94)/Roger Klotz (1991-94)

Tom McHugh

Tom McHugh

Douglas Yancey Funnie (1996-99)

Fred Newman

Fred Newman

Skeeter Valentine/Mr. Dink/Porkchop/Dale Valentine/Ned Cauphee/Cleopatra Dirtbike Funnie

Constance Shulman

Constance Shulman

Patti Mayonnaise

Chris Phillips

Chris Phillips

Roger Klotz/Boomer Bledsoe (1996-99)

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