Season 1 Episode 2

Doug Can't Dance / Doug Gets Busted

Aired Sunday 10:00 AM Aug 18, 1991 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Doug Can't Dance: Doug is excited about going to his first school costume dance, and having the opportunity to dance with his dream girl, Patti. But Doug's excitement soon fades when Roger reminds him that he has no dancing talent, so Doug goes to Skeeter for dancing tips.

Doug Gets Busted: Doug makes a model of a volcano for a science project. But when rumor has it that the volcano erupted and caused the whole science room to explode, Doug decides to disguise himself as Jack Bandit and go on the lam to avoid the cops and from getting in trouble.moreless

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  • I really thought this episode was great. It i an extremly funny episode.

    I reviewed the episode and it really makes you feel what a modern 11 year old is feeling. I myself ws at that age and It seemed me and doug had a lot in common. wee both left handed, we both write in a journal, and we think like is a hge battle.
Billy West

Billy West

Douglas Yancey Funnie (1991-94)/Roger Klotz (1991-94)

Greg Lee

Greg Lee

Mayor/Principal Bob White

Doris Belack

Doris Belack

Mrs. Wingo (1991-1994)/Tippi Dink (1991-1999)

Jeff Bergman

Jeff Bergman

Coach Spitz/Mr. Fort (1996-1999)

Constance Shulman

Constance Shulman

Patti Mayonnaise

Fran Brill

Fran Brill

Miss. Elaine Perigrew/Ms. Emily Kristal (1996-1999)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Look Hard: In the background during the dance, one of the kids is dressed in a Quailman costume, with a belt on his head, a "Q" on his shirt, and underwear over his pants. The color scheme to the costume appears different than Doug's version.

    • In "Doug Can't Dance" Doug says "diary" instead of "journal". However, diary is a synonym for journal. Dia is Spanish and Jour is French, both mean "day".

    • In "Doug Can't Dance", one kid is in a doughnut costume and you can see right through the middle of that person, just like a real doughnut!

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Mr. Dink: Say Tippy! Wanna shag some balls?

    • Doug: (Writing In Journal) Dear Diary, it's me... Doug. The school dance felt like it happened a long time ago, but I remember it like it was only yesterday. It all began... Well, this afternoon!

    • Roger: Trying on your costume for the big dance tonight? What are you? A pile of manure?!

    • Roger: I'll just tell Patti you couldn't make it. I'll tell her you had to make like a tree and leaf!

    • Mr. Dink: Do you remember the first time I asked you to dance?
      Mrs. Dink: Yes.
      Mr. Dink: And do you remember what you said?
      Mrs. Dink: Yes. "Go away and leave me alone."
      Mr. Dink: Oh, you do remember! But you finally said "yes" at our senior prom. As I recall, I swept you right off your feet!
      Mrs. Dink: And into the refreshment table.
      Mr. Dink: Still, wasn't that hospital really nice?

    • Patti: Great costume. You make a wonderful slug.

    • Doug: The most important thing I figured out was, when the going gets tough.. always.. remember to.. No. Never think you can't... No.. Blessed are the... Four score and seven..
      (Porkchop accidentally steps on Doug's hurt foot)
      Doug: OWWWWWWWW!! Porkchop! My foot! How could you!? Anywhere but my foot! That's the only foot that I got. It's.. the foot hurts!

    • Doug: Wa-na-naaaa, Jack Bandit!

  • NOTES (3)

    • Chalky, Beebe, Mr. Bone and Mrs. Wingo appear for the first time in episode b) "Doug Gets Busted". Connie still has NOT appeared.

    • According to Karmatoons, "Doug Can't Dance" was the original pilot for Doug. The artwork was drawn in 'squiggle' style, which differs from the rest of the series. The closing-title background was animated at the same time, however, so all episodes have the squiggle style in the closing titles. (The animation of Doug and Porkchop waving as the credits roll.)

    • The costumes for the dance: Doug (slug), Patti (sunflower), Roger (hammer), Mr. Dink (a chicken).


    • The music playing in the background while everyone is dancing "The Slug Hop" is a similar reference to M.C Hammer's "Cant Touch This"

    • When Doug is having a daydream of him being a great dancer, it shows him wearing big sunglasses, red parachute pants, a big chain necklace, and funky dance moves. This is a mimic of M.C. Hammer, whom wore exactly that. There is another allusion to M.C. Hammer in this episode as well.

    • Roger Klotz: "C'mon! It's hammer time!"
      In "Doug Can't Dance", after Doug one-ups Roger to dance with Patti, Roger is getting laughed at by his friends. One says, "Real, smooth Rog!" to which Roger replies "Oh yeah, well I'll show him! C'mon it's hammer-time!" Roger is dressed as a hammer so this is perfect, but Hammertime is pure M.C Hammer.