Season 3 Episode 1

Doug's Fat Cat / Doug and Patti P.I.

Aired Sunday 10:00 AM Apr 11, 1993 on Nickelodeon
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Doug's Fat Cat: Roger asks Doug to take care of his cat, Stinky, while he goes on a trip. Stinky not only rips up the Funnie home but also eats all the junk food in the house and gets sick. Doug rushes him to the vet, hoping he'll be OK. But when Doug gets there, he finds out Stinky isn't a "he". Doug and Patti P.I.: Someone has sabotaged the wheelbarrow race at the Bluffington picnic and now no one can be in the race. So, Doug and Patti team up to solve the mystery of who did it and why.moreless

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  • What a way to kick the season off!

    Doug's Fat Cat

    I never knew Stinky was a girl until I first saw this episode.

    Doug and Patti P.I.

    I think this episode was the better of the two. Doug and Patti trying to solve the mystery of the missing bumpers for the wheelbarrow race. They suspect Skeeter's father, Skeeter's mother, and even Skeeter himself when they find the missing bumpers in the dumpster. But after putting all the pieces together, and remembering the title of the Whiz Kids issue: The Secret of the Disappearing Dad, Doug figures out that it was Roger! His parents were divorced, and his father was in Bloatsburg. His mother didn't have the strength to race, and Roger figured that if he couldn't race, then no one could, so he stole Skeeter's wheelbarrow and put the stolen bumpers in them, then stashed them in the dumpster. In the end, the stolen wheelbarrow and bumpers were safely returned and Mr. Dink decided to be Roger's partner in the race. Doug and Patti sure make a great team as detectives.

    I give Doug's Fat Cat a B, and Doug and Patti P.I. an A-!moreless
  • A great way to start the third season.

    These two episodes were both really great episodes.

    "Doug's Fat Cat" was about Doug having to watch Roger's cat over the weekend. However, Stinky (the cat), gets sick, and Doug has to rush him to the vet. Roger finds out, and goes to see Doug. It turns out Stinky's a "she", and has given birth to four kittens.

    I love cats, so this was an easy candidate for my favorite episode, and I remember seeing this as a little kid. This is also my dad's favorite episode. It had great writing, and it was hilarious. They even got to sneak in a pretty "adult" joke as well. When Roger tells his mom that he didn't know Stinky was a girl, she says, "Son, we are overdue for a VERY important talk..."

    "Doug and Patti, P.I." was another good episode. There's a family picnic, and someone stole the bumpers for this race that's going on with some wheelbarrows. So Doug and Patti decide to find out who stole them. It turns out Roger stole them, because he couldn't be in the race, as his mom was really tired from work, and his divorced dad lives in the next town over. So Doug gets him to race with Mr. Dink, who doesn't have a kid, and he wants to do the race.

    This episode was really sweet. This episode made Roger my second favorite character (Little Dougie's always going to be my favorite), because it made me fell sympathetic for him. And the ending was the sweetest.

    Anyway, this was a sweet, funny start to the season. A+.moreless
Billy West

Billy West

Douglas Yancey Funnie (1991-94)/Roger Klotz (1991-94)

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Greg Lee

Mayor/Principal Bob White

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Doris Belack

Mrs. Wingo (1991-1994)/Tippi Dink (1991-1999)

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Jeff Bergman

Coach Spitz/Mr. Fort (1996-1999)

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Constance Shulman

Patti Mayonnaise

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Miss. Elaine Perigrew/Ms. Emily Kristal (1996-1999)

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