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  • Nick Version Review

    Well, everyone's just specifying the Nick show. Hadn't seen too much on the Disney version, but maybe that when I was turned off on it when I was a kid. I wasn't sure which one I was familiar with. But here's the odd thing, I wasn't too sure on this show when I was younger. I was more of a Rugrats person. Last year, around its 25th anniversary, I decided to take a look on this show. It was better than I excepted, although season 1 could've been better. The rest of the Nick series is quite good. It's a slice of show with some humorous moments. Also one of the first two shows that started Billy West's career, along with Ren and Stimpy. That and the fact these two shows paired up with Rugrats started the Nicktoons brand. This isn't the best show tbh, but I enjoyed it a bit. I relate a few episodes here and there. Most of the characters are likable, albeit a bit cliched. I will recommend the show, but I'm not sure if the Disney version of it hold up very well.
  • The original Nicktoon that started it all

    I never really got into this show and still don't but I can't deny the legacy it left for a prominate network that Nickelodeon became not just for kids but teens and adults as well. This show was written well enough for older audineces to watch and enjoy for real not just passively. If it weren't for this animated show there likely wouldn't be other cartoons on Nick. Sure Nickelodeon aired plenty of cartoons but Dough was their first one to get produced and be a success. I personally found it to be dull and not worth my time or attention.
  • Top Shows - Nick Age of amazing 90s cartoons

    Many ep (00)
  • Do I like this?

    I hate this show because, I is so boring! |:(

    The animation is drawn by 5 year olds.
  • A masterpiece, pure and simple

    To clarify, this is about Nickelodeon's Doug.

    Doug is about an 11 year old kid named Doug Funnie who lives in Bluffington city. Characters include Patty Mayonnaise, the cute girl Doug likes, Roger Klutz, the bully of Doug's school, Skeeter Valentine, Doug's blue skinned best friend, and Bebe Bluff, the kind but snobby rich girl. Doug lerans so many life lessons throughout the show. He also has an alter ego named Quailman, and his sidekick Quaildog (aka Porkchop). I urge everyone to see Doug from 1991-1994, it has a cool art style, great life lessons to learn from, and funny and memorable characters.
  • a decent cartoon for everyone

    This is the best cartoons that Nickelodeon has ever been produced! Doug Funnie and Skeeter Valentine have the best and crazy friendship that's why many kids watch this show ages ago! It was really a cool show and I want my children to watch it also so I bought a copy at memorylanedvd dot com which provided me a good set of DVDs with very fine quality. It may look like a boring cartoon to some kids today but if their parents let them watch it with all the episodes, they will enjoy each moments of it. Certainly a good cartoon for all ages!
  • Wet-Monsoon is an idiot

    I just have to say, Wet-Monsoon is an absolute idiot. First of all, just because you're too stupid to grasp the wit and humor in the show, which sails over your vacant head, does not mean the show is boring. You found it boring because you didn't get it.

    Secondly, it's obvious you watched maybe 3 episodes when reviewing it again. There are only a handful about him trying to impress Patty. The show covers a lot of different subjects. Not that you care. You're not interested in reality because, well, you're an idiot.

    Finally, criticizing the names shows just what a vacant moron you really are. Seriously, you're upset about the character NAMES? What would be better, John Doe? Joe Smith? Josh Anderson? Richard Lloyd?

    They came up with distinctive names that people remember, not boring, generic TV names.

    In essence, you're stupid. Really, really stupid.
  • Boring

    I decided to re-watch some episodes of Doug, because I remembered it as being such a classic.

    Wow. I almost fell asleep.

    Not only was I shocked by how dull it was, it was pretty much recycling episode after episode.

    PLOT: Doug tries to impress Patty.

    That's the whole show, folks. I don't care if it's nostalgic. I hate this cartoon. VERY MUCH.

    Plus, the names just seem so random, they're stupid! Doug FUNNY? Patty MAYONAISE? PORKCHOP??

    Not my type of show, overall.

    Title says it all
  • Grew up watching.

    Love this show.
  • This show is AWESOME!

    This show is amazing, that's all I can say. I love every plot of the show. His name is Doug, He has a dog, he has an annoying girlfriend, he has a blue friend, And there's a bully who is green. It's a really original cartoon, and that's what gives it a 10. It's really too bad though that hey had to cancel it for Nick's garbage these days. Whoever dislikes this show is too young to be on here, because you aren't a 90's kid if you don't like this show.
  • Doug the family boy!

    Doug was a daydreamer who went on plenty of tails with his pet dog. I loved this cartoon! It was refreshingly funny because Doug was NOT the only funny one. All of characters were well written and acted out. The graphics on here are extra great and Doug's expressions were calming but realistic. A classic cartoon!
  • Sails over people's heads

    Doug (the Nickelodeon Doug, that is) is a heartwarming satire with a lot of adult wit and never gets its due for being such a brilliantly written show. It's truly a shame people don't pick up on the superb execution, mistakenly thinking it's just a "kids show" (though kids can enjoy it, very few will come close to fully realizing the nuances and attention to detail the writers put into it).

    With its superb writing, combined with an excellent group of voice actors (led by the living legend, Billy West), the characters are given depth and believability. The relationships are absolutely bulls-eye (Doug's sibling rivalry with Judy, his "frenemy" (I know, the dreaded amalgam word) relationship with Roger, his friendship with Skeeter, and awkward friend-crush status with Patti), and the show is grounded with a timeless ring of truth. Full of clever puns and satirical elements, anyone who enjoyed the show as a kid should really watch the show again to pick up on all the things they missed. Trust me, there's a lot more to the show than you remember.

    Heck, just watching Porkchop alone throughout an episode could be entertaining in itself.

    So while Doug doesn't feature the controversial content that garners the most attention from the media/critics, it's still a show that is written on the level of a mature audience. And it combines that wit with a magical charm that really captures the beauty of childhood that so many adults look back on nostalgically.

    As for the Disney version - the less said about it, the better.
  • My First Review "Doug (Nick)"

    Well OK this is my FIRST review so i'm gonna start with Doug.

    Well Doug is about this 11 year old sixth-grader named Doug move from the town of Bloatsburg to Bluffington after his dad receives a job promotion and meets his friend

    Skeeter after ordering at Honker Burger along with Patti and his enemy Roger Klotz.

    Often, Doug will write in his journal about his experiences in his new hometown.


    Douglas Yancey "Doug" Funnie (Voiced by Billy West in the Nickelodeon series and by Tom McHugh in the Disney series): Doug is the title character, a shy, extremely insecure, somewhat clumsy, gullible, naive, 11 (turns 12 in the Disney series) year old boy with an enormous heart, a large imagination, a talent for writing, and a love for music. Doug's favorite instrument is a banjo, and uses it in his spare time. Doug narrates every episode, and writes his experiences in his journal. Doug also imagines himself as several alter egos, particularly a superhero named Quailman, spy film character Smash Adams, and adventuring archaeologist Race Canyon.

    Mosquito "Skeeter" Valentine (Voiced by Fred Newman): Skeeter is Doug's lanky best friend. He is famous in both series for the honking sounds he frequently makes. Skeeter's family who has lived in Bluffington for some time. Skeeter initially helps Doug order food from the popular Bluffington restaurant Honker Burger (sold and converted into a French restaurant in the second series) in the series premiere (resulting in their friendship), and later helps Doug learn how to dance. He has a superhero alter-ego, whom he calls The Silver Skeeter. It is revealed that Skeeter is highly intelligent (much to Doug's discomfort), later gaining the respect of geeky twin brothers Al and Moo.

    Patricia "Patti" Mayonnaise (Voiced by Connie Shulman): Doug's classmate and secret crush, a star athlete with multiple talents. She notes that for all her talents, she is unable to cook. Her father, Chad, is a paraplegic, and her mother is deceased, as revealed in the episode "Doug Rocks the House", where Doug accidentally destroys her old house by throwing rocks at it. In the Disney series, she gets a super heroic persona named Supersport.

    Porkchop (Voiced by Fred Newman): Doug's anthropomorphic dog who is generally more reformed than others. He lives in a tipi

    Roger M. Klotz (Voiced by Billy West in the Nickelodeon series and by Chris Phillips in the Disney series): Roger is Doug's rival and the neighborhood thug. Roger and his divorced mother lived in a trailer park in the Nickelodeon series; in the Disney series, Roger's family become wealthy after a real-estate deal struck between the owner of the trailer park and the Bluff family. As the meanie, Roger always tries to poke fun at those around him. Doug uses Roger as a villain in most of his Quailman comics, most notably mad scientist Dr. Klotzenstein. Roger has a crush on Doug's sister Judy, and owns a cat named Stinky who rivals Doug's dog Porkchop. Roger plays lead electric guitar for his band and is also an accomplished ballet dancer, much to Doug's surprise. Despite his nature, he is also portrayed as generally closer to Doug in the second series than in the first, sometimes acting more like a friend. "Joeycookamonga!" is his catchphrase, though it was said only once in the Nickelodeon series. He is normally seen with his three fellow gang members, all of whom together form a rock band called Roger and the Ulcers.

    Ratin' Time!

    Voice Acting: 4/5 Billy West also known as Phillip Fry does a great job as Doug better than

    Tom McHugh (Disney Doug's VA)

    Animation: 3.9/5 Seriously i don't see why people are complaining about the animation

    I mean its was made back in 1991!

    Overall: Great show thats was one of the 1st Nicktoons on Nick. I give it a...


    I got your attention! If you hate this you have no childhood. A child named Doug goes through many problems like bullying, rumors, and other school related stuff. Do I need to say more? Excuse me as I cry happily. WAHHHH 10/10
  • The show is about Doug Yancy Funny, a teen who lives with his Mom, Dad, and Sister. His parents are nice and his sister is very poetic. He writes his adventures in his journal. He has a dog named Porkchop. He lived and average normal average life. 8-P 8-P

    This show is very funny. I wish that it still came on, but it doesn't. I really loved watching Doug. I liked his family, friends, neighbors, everybody. I remember this show use to come on SNICK. This show was definitely one of my favorite shows. Nickelodeon should show Doug along with other old Nickelodeon shows. I thought that his friend Patty Mayonnaise name was funny as well as his middle name Yancy and also his dog Porkchop. Doug was just a normal, average, funny kid. He really wasn't that popular, but most people liked him. I miss this show. 8-P
  • Kind of boring.

    I do not like this show all to well. It isn't bad, it's just not at all interesting in terms of comedy and entertainment. The reason I didn't rate it lower was because I can recall one or two episodes that were decent. The rest just bored me completely. I have to say that the characters were kind of bland and uninteresting. The comedy was also very boring and predictable. One thing I will say that the show did well was plots. They were somewhat unique and out of the normal plots that were seen in other cartoon shows. Overall, it was just not my kind of show. Thank you.
  • Oh boy...

    This show just bores me. The characters stink and I hate the plot.

    Graphics- F( It looks like it was drawn by a five yr. old! The reception is really crappy. It looks like somebody smeared the animation. The characters' skin colors are ugly.)

    Well I've never really watched it but I can tell by looking at it. Old Nick cartoons bother me and I don't know why. Maybe because the drawings stink and the comedy is not up to date. Well let me just remind you:When you're surfing the channels and you see Doug, don't stop to that point. Period. =(
  • This is got to be as good as hey arnold.


    Well, doug is much like hey arnold because look at the characters:

    Doug - arnold

    Roger - Like helga except she's not as aggressive

    Skeeter - The marge simpson haired guy

    Patty - Helga except she's more like roger

    This is more truer classic than hey arnold, but hey arnold is still good though. It's a classic too.

    My rating: 10 :)

  • One of the better shows on Nick before Disney tainted it with their nonsense.

    Doug was a very interesting show. It starred a mild mannered, nice kid trying to fit in his new school. The supporting cast was really well written too, from his eccentric, but loyal friend Skeeter, his secret crush in the cute Pattie Mayonnaise, the obnoxious, yet comical bully Roger Klutz, even to the super strict, by the book Principal Bone. One thing I loved about the show is the fact it can relate to kids. Most of them too want to fit in, yet struggle to do so when having to adapt to new schools, etc. I also enjoyed Doug's paranoia thoughts, always thinking the worst when things would go wrong. LOL The irony is, we've all done that. It's sadly something we can't help but do at times.

    Anyway, I would have given this show an 8 or higher, but since Disney had to put their own spin on it, I lowered it to a 7. Disney went away from the formula of what made the first show of Doug a solid enjoyment, bringing in new characters that I really never got intrigued about, as well as changing the looks of Pattie and Roger. Seriously, why? Their looks were perfect the way they were. What was the point in that?

    Oh well. All and all, this was a really cool show to watch in its earlier run. Kudos to whoever thought it up. Very well written.
  • classic show about the life an average kid that gasps! Actually hits it's mark!

    This wasn't the first show about the live and times of an average kid growing up and it wasn't the last so why does it work? Well I actually found the scenarios that Doug went through to be very real and relatable for a kid at the time.

    Now a days when using this concept rich kids living in a well know city are used who go through experiences that no kid I knew went through growing up. Doug was the average kid who had problems that i seriously had growing up, like I want to help my friend but what will happen to me if i do?, or I know what I want to do this weekend but how will I get a ride there? he didn't have a lot of money or a lot of attitude but let's be honest most kids don't. Doug was shy and self-conscious. If it weren't for is inner monologue we would barley know him at all. So why should we find him interesting? these scenarios are relatable for kids but how are they interesting? Before Doug acts on anything he goes though multiple outcomes through his daydreams and doodles on his notebook usually the cases re pretty unlikely and even fantasy-like, picturing himself as a super hero, a secret agent, or even as indiana jones. He makes these simple problems seem overdramatic and interesting, which made my life interesting because I was actually going though similar problems at the time. It was one of those shows that you look back on and say wow how did they know i like to do that.

    The concept maybe overdone but the characters had depth to them and were unique. Honestly this show deserves a good grade in my book.
  • The biggest goody-goody, passive, pushover gets his own show.

    Doug is a boy who is the nicest boy in the world, in a bad way. Doug just lets everyone in the world walk all over him, and doesn't stand up for himself! When he's agnry, all he does is write it in his journal, its not even deep! Doug is the most passive person on the planet! He doesn't stand up for himself, and when he gets blamed for something he didn't do, he accepts the punishment anyway! What example is this for anybody?
  • Nothing!

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  • The Nickelodeon version was amazing! But the Disney version was the negative.

    This classical Nicktoon told a story about an average kid named Doug Funnie. Doug Funnie and his family lived in some town named Bluffington. He had a crazy friend named Skeeter, a girlfriend named Patti, a typical a** wipe named Roger and I forget the rest. Doug likes to write in his journal in his spare time and sometimes even imagines himself as a superhero named Storkman or something to help himself when he has a hard time doing something(that's freaky). The characters were unique because they came in all colors (but I think they sort of stole that from The Simpsons).His dog "Pork Chop" was a silly buffoon dog, and my favorite charatere (but off course, 17 years later, The Mighty B! HAD to rip him off!) But sadly, it was put on hiatus and sent to disney in 1996, and it started to lose it's quality, and sort of went downhill! Doug wasn't even voiced by Billy West (Phillip Jay Fry) any more! The Show's humor was toned down a little also! What was that for? Only a piece of @*#%! would do something like that to their shows. Not long after I stopped looking at this poop!!!! So if it's the Nickelodeon version, watch it, and if it's the Disney Version, don't watch it!
  • Doug was an excellent show. His adventures were humorous and quite imaginative. I still sometimes hum his theme song in my head.

    The best word to describe this show, FUN! I loved Doug because he was a creative dreamer. Quailman is such a classic character. He had incredible relationships, from his best friend Skeeter to his crush Pattie. Porkchop the dog made an excellent sidekick for this young protagonist. His neighbor, Mr. Dink and his gadgets would always bring me a chuckle. His family had a great chemistry. Doug's life was so average yet so entertaining. I enjoyed watching his many adventures as a kid, and even found the Disney version to be fun. I would love to have this show in my DVD collection.
  • This show is about a boy named Doug and his dog.

    Doug is a show about a boy who has a dog and writes in his diary about weird things. This doesn't sound like a very original idea and the actual show is even worse. The animation looks very bad. The faces of the people are colored weirdly, they are blue, green, pink and purple (and many other colors too) except for Doug's face. The stories are very bad, for example Doug and his friends fishing and trying to find a salami-eating monster. They finally catch him and he is a man. Doug is one of the horrible shows Disney made in the 90's. I can't believe the company that made great classics like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck made the worst shows ever in the 90's. Only Disney shows worse than Doug were Pepper Ann and Recess. If you want to see a great cartoon, don't watch Doug. There are so many better shows.
  • Great SHOW

    Let's see what one word can some up the 90's for kids? Doug!! As a child of the 90's I grew up watching Doug and loving it. Although the whole story line for the show is simple and does not have any alien fighting or super powers like today's shows. No, it just had stories that kids to relate too. One episode I fondly remember was when Doug thought he was over weight and trying to battle with his weight. I could relate becaus when I was younger I had the same problem and watching that episode helped me cope with it. The theme tune a long for Doug was unlike any other cartoon. What can I say except we love Doug!
  • Classic

    Would watch this show every night at 6 on Nick back in the day. Liked a little of the new Doug when it was on Disney, but the old school Doug was more my fav even though Disney Doug was more newer n advanced. Nick's Doug was kinda more pointed 2 the younger kids while Disney's version got into more of the middle school things. Skeeter was 1 of my fav characters along with Mr. Dink. Wish this show woulda had a few more episodes, but they started n ended the show in a good way n not with just another random issue or cliffhanger.
  • Nick version amazing while Disney version not

    If I would review only the Nickelodeon version of the show disregarding the Disney version, then the show would get a 9 to a 9.5 easily. Sure, the Nick version was not perfect by any means, but the Disney version of the show had poor voice acting, plots, characters, themes, etc.. just every desirable quality the Nickelodeon version of the show had is dearly missed and replaced with mediocre to bad animation. I loved watching this show on Nick all the time. I liked that Doug learned great lessons of friendship, confidence, intellect, morality you name it. Disney sucked the life out of a once great cartoon. It is my opinion, and I am entitled to it. Nick Doug ruled while Disney Doug sucked and was a lame attempt to recreate a classic.
  • A word to bikeboy...

    In regards to bikeboy's review, I think it's ok to express your opinion. You are entitled to your own perspective of things, just as everyone else is. But, you should also expect a rebuttal since the people (like me) who visit the "Doug" episode guide are likely fanatics of this show. Though I can't say much for Disney's "Doug", it's hard to underestimate the first 4 seasons (Nickelodeon's "Doug"). You have to admire the creativity, the concepts, and the cartoon itself. Though it's probably hard for you and for everyone else in this generation to accept this cartoon with its "aged" animations and simple plots, for its time, it was original. Unlike some of the cartoons today that contain random plots, this show had themes that one could relate to and feasible experiences that most pre-teens have. It also gave a moral lesson at the end of each episode, of which cartoons nowadays neglect. You ask what the show is about? Simple. The life and hardships of a 10 and a 1/2 year old boy. Your deficient mental capacity for comprehending the simplest ideas and concepts is obvious. In regards towards your attack on the color of the characters, they were each given different colors to show that no matter what race or color you are, we're all the same. I hate to be philosophical since it's probably a little too advanced for your narrow-minded, juvenile assertions of a show you just don't get. Grow up! Quite honestly, I think a sponge who has a pet snail (which doesn't live underwater) and is friends with a starfish and a squirrel is a little more odd. How about the Aqua Teen Hunger Force? It's three fast-food characters solving everyday does that make more sense than a 10 and a 1/2 year old human pre-teen conquering the problems of every day life? I think it is a very sensible show that displays ultimate creativity, especially with it being almost 15 years old. I'm sorry this show left you with a bad taste in your mouth. I understand you can't force someone to enjoy something, nor can you claim invalidity on some else's opinions, but you can call someone out on their review of a cartoon in which they can't even understand its fundamental idea, which is blatently obvious just after watching 2 of the episodes. For me, this show is a classic and for all of the other "Doug"' fans out there, it will remain one of the greatest cartoons to have ever been seen. It's apparent that the effect isn't mutual with you, so instead of feeding us with your "garbage", "change your own channel" and take your bigoted, infantile mind with you.
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