Doug - Season 6

Sunday 10:00 AM on Nickelodeon Premiered Aug 11, 1991 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Doug Gets It All
    Doug Gets It All
    Episode 8
    When Doug worries he is only average, he decides that to make his level of importance higher he should be a collector of unusal and (hopefully) valuable items. So he goes to a flea market with a valuable collecters item book looking for rubber tub stoppers and bowls, but someone has already gotten to them. Meanwhile, Roger gets on Mr. Bone's good side to get himself out of detention and Skeeter asks the A.V. Nerds to help him find the Lucy Duck Monster using A.V. equipment.moreless
  • Doug's Thanksgiving

    Bill Bluff's public relations firm decides that Bill should have Thanksgiving Day dinner with an average Bluffington family to increase his popularity. Doug's family is chosen and turns their simple Thanksgiving plans upside down. Bluffco won't let Patti join their dinner and Judy doesn't approve of the preparation for the big dinner. So Doug sets out to make everyone happy for Thanksgiving.

  • Doug's Dougapalooza
    Connie Benge becomes obsessed with winning a local radio-station contest to become a rock 'n' roll star. She brings Doug into it, and is so obsessed she thinks about quitting school just like Flounder from The Beets did. Soon she realizes Flounder may have not done the right thing. Meanwhile, Al, Moo and Skeeter try to contact the monster of the lake by creating a monster calling machine.moreless
  • Judy, Judy, Judy
    Judy, Judy, Judy
    Episode 5

    Judy helps out with Gwen Gauntlet, her favorite actress and teen role model, while she is in town to shoot an entertainment show. Judy hopes she can get a recommendation from Gwen for Vole University. However, Gwen is so self-absorbed that it tests the limits of Judy's patience. Meanwhile, Doug and Skeeter think they've shot proof of the monster on Judy's video camera but Judy won't let them see the tape.

  • Doug: Quailman VI: The Dark Quail Saga
    When Guy invites Patti to go to a star-studded premiere of a new movie called Slag & Felpy, Doug feels jealous that Guy took Patti out on a date. In a Quailman daydream, the Golden Salmon appears in Megalopolis, but Quailman isn't sure he's a superhero. Meanwhile, Dr. Rubbersuit separates Quailman's dark side into an evil personality knows as the Dark Quail.moreless
  • Doug's Chubby Buddy

    Patti panics and thinks she's fat after watching a commercial selling a diet kit, so she, Connie, and Beebe set out to lose weight. Patti decides to go on a drastic diet and exercise routine. But once she starts losing weight, she can't seem to stop herself, even with Doug's help. Meanwhile, Doug and Skeeter are convinced that the only way to catch the Lucky Duck Lake monster, is to lure it with a female monster.

  • Doug's Friend's Friend

    Skeeter is dating Beebe and Doug is disgusted by Skeeter's lovesick attitude. Doug's disgust leads to an argument that breaks up their friendship. Meanwhile, a flood is reported to hit Bluffington and Roger wants to be part of "the biggest thing to ever hit this town".

  • Doug's Secret of Success

    The lives of Doug and all the other students at Beebe Bluff Middle School become a frenzy when Mr. Bone returns and becomes the middle school's new vice principal. Also, eighth graders invite Doug to join a secret club of the future powerful men of the universe. But in order to be worthy to join, Doug must prove he can be a successful person which cuts himselfout of monster hunting with Skeeter.