Doves of War

TV3 (Mini-Series 2006)


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  • A complex and intriguing thriller.

    The mass murder of Bosnian soldiers and the emotional battle scars of war create a solid foundation for this top-class thriller. A solid cast, strong characters and the beautiful New Zealand landscape as a back drop all add to this political thriller. The character of Lucas is a seemingly quiet man, he and his fellow ex-comrades struggle with the memories of the past. Lucas is swift to try and prevent their secret getting out. He searches for his soldiers one by one trying to find the source of the leak and prevent further media knowledge. On the other side there is Sophie Morgan who is a journalist trying to get to the truth. It becomes a race as Sophie learns of Lucas' travels to visit his old friends around New Zealand. Lucas and Sophie meet up along the way and she sees his perspective and eventually learns what really happened in Bosnia. The two connect, although Lucas doesn't know she is a journalist. Sophie helps Lucas and begins her own investigating despite orders from her boss. From the begining we assume the New Zealand soldiers are a sinister network covering up a war crime, but towards the end we learn the truth about what really happened in Bosnia and the horror they endured.