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  • homemade banana pudding

    I love this show I love the way husband and wife work together lovely couple and delicious southern cooking I learn how to cook like collards new ways of cooking old time things from my younger days quicker and delicious
  • By RML

    I wanted to let you know just how much I enjoy your cooking show. I love seeing both of you work together so well!!! I also love the extended family interaction that aired on 4-6-2013--the family dinner prep, etc. Whenever my family and I travel to Tennessee, we will definitelyvisit your restaurants.
  • I enjoy watching the Neely's and trying new recipes from them, I only hope Food Network will stop changing their time schedule.


    Pat and Gina Neely are genuine, down home folks that I enjoy watching.

    I used to enjoy coming home and watching the Neely's show late in the afternoon. Not only are they great cooks, but they are a fun-loving couple who makes learning how to cook fun.

    Not only has Food Network taken them from the late afternoon schedule, but they have now also moved their Saturday schedule twice.

    I don't mind hunting for them, but I would like to get a heads up so I won't be surprised when I turn to Food Network.

  • The show is great! It has a twist of real down home cooking and family recipes all intertwined into one show. It also brings love and fun, to the kitchen. It is refreshing, to see a couple have fun cooking and to also put some pizzaz into it!!

    Love the show!!! I think that they are talented and cute together!! They show us that cooking and fun can go together!! They bring a breath of fresh air to the netowrk. They also bring a different type of cooking, not ONLY BARBECUE!!!! They do things different, which all chefs or cooks do, but with love and pizzaz!! I hope that the show last for a long time. I never miss an episode. I have tried several recipes also and loved them also. So to the Nelly's... keep up the great job! I love it!! You are a new, and wonderfull beginging for the chefs of america!!!
  • Down Home With The Neelys combines good eating with family values. They only way you can top Pat and Gina for cuteness and genuine likability is to find you a kitten, y'all!

    When I visit my 97-year old mother at the care center, there are two programs we watch together: Judge Judy and Down Home With The Neelys. While Judge Judy is instructive in the "what not to do" in life, if you are an inexperienced young woman (typically), Down Home With The Neelys is a recipe for a loving family....Oh! I mean a great place to learn how to put together a great Southern-style meal using simple ingredients, imagination, love, all available hands, and the service of the spice fairy. Only the most jaded of people will find Gina and Pat's genuine love and appreciation of each other cloying. They are the real deal. We laugh through the whole program, respect the strong family values they bring to good living, and I appreciate their sharing of years of experience making food a part of bring family and friends together.
  • please tape the wife's mouth shut!

    i am a BIG food network fan. i actually thought this show might be good, a nice change from the same ol' stuff. but i was WRONG! the wife NEVER EVER shuts up. that screechy voice is so annoying. her husband is wonderful, easy going. i even enjoy when their children are on their. but not when SHE is on. She constantly talks babytalk to her husband. i may be wrong but her husband is the chef. i'd rather see what HE is cooking. in fact, as i write this, their show is on in the background. in the 10 minutes its been on the air, i've heard his voice maybe 2 minutes tops. She continues to babytalk him. if i wanted to watch baby talk, i'd turn on Sesame Street.

    they actually made a decent meal the other day, the sloppy joes in honor of their daughter. i enjoy learning new recipes, but i'm thinking i might want to mute this and just get the recipe off the internet leter. For the love of God, please shut this woman up. its a shame the husband is nice looking and pleasant, but she ruins it for him.