Down Home With the Neelys

Food Network (ended 2012)





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  • Down Home With The Neelys combines good eating with family values. They only way you can top Pat and Gina for cuteness and genuine likability is to find you a kitten, y'all!

    When I visit my 97-year old mother at the care center, there are two programs we watch together: Judge Judy and Down Home With The Neelys. While Judge Judy is instructive in the "what not to do" in life, if you are an inexperienced young woman (typically), Down Home With The Neelys is a recipe for a loving family....Oh! I mean a great place to learn how to put together a great Southern-style meal using simple ingredients, imagination, love, all available hands, and the service of the spice fairy. Only the most jaded of people will find Gina and Pat's genuine love and appreciation of each other cloying. They are the real deal. We laugh through the whole program, respect the strong family values they bring to good living, and I appreciate their sharing of years of experience making food a part of bring family and friends together.