Down Home With the Neelys - Season 5

Food Network (ended 2012)




Episode Guide

  • Full House
    Full House
    Episode 13
    Spenser's home visiting, so Pat and Gina are making a feast of stick-to-your-ribs food. Menu: • Pat's Famous Beef and Pork Chili • Spicy Cornbread Muffins • Gina's Memphis Mud Pie
  • It's Neely Perfect
    It's Neely Perfect
    Episode 12
    Pat and Gina are preparing a cozy meal today that will remind them of one of their early houses – not room for much more than their love and all the recipes in their heads. Menu: • Sweet and Sour Grilled Shrimp • Gina's Chili Cocktail Sauce • Neely's Lemon Pasta Salad • Neely's Berry Shortcakemoreless
  • High On the Hog
    High On the Hog
    Episode 11
    Pat and Gina have invited Sunny Anderson (Cooking for Real, How'd That Get on My Plate?) down to Memphis for some ribs with a new rub, and she'll pay for her dinner with a little dessert. Menu: • Neely's Southwest Style Ribs • Old-Fashioned Macaroni Salad • Sunny's Highball Tiramisu • Gina's Ginger Gin Fizzmoreless
  • Inside Picnic
    Inside Picnic
    Episode 10
    Sometimes, even in the South, the weather prevents outdoor grilling. So Pat and Gina have devised this menu that works for both types of grilling, and still with all the wonderful flavor. Today the Neelys demonstrate the indoor version, just in case Labor Day in your neck of the woods is "cloudy with a chance of rain." Menu: • Spenser's Grilled Broccoli • Gina's Sweet Potato Salad • Pat's Stuffed Turkey Burgers – Served with Grilled Tomatoes • Gina's Homemade Lemonademoreless
  • Chowdown
    Episode 9
    Mark and Gaelin are coming for lunch today, so Pat and Gina are making dishes to tempt everyone. A colorful salad, a spicy spin on a British favorite and, of course, a sweet. The thing is, it's so good the boys had better be on time or all the food will be gone. Menu: • Coconut Bundt Cake with Pineapple Glaze • Neely's Rainbow Coleslaw • Neely's Fish and Chips – Served with Spicy Tartar Saucemoreless
  • Eat Up
    Eat Up
    Episode 8
    Gina and Pat have planned a romantic dinner, and what's better than proteins that cater to each of their preferences. So, with a high-end steak and a little shrimp both palates will be satisfied, and that's before all the fixings happen. Menu: • Gina's Cheesy Flatbread • Neely's Surf and Turf • Gina's Spicy Creamed Spinach • Neely's Lazy-Aidmoreless
  • Hooked on BBQ
    Hooked on BBQ
    Episode 7
    Pat and Gina have planned a light supper today that they'll eat outside, taking advantage of some good weather, but first Gina's going to turn a vegetable to barbecue without a grill, Pat fires up the smoking part of his grill, and they make some easy fritters with an unusual base. Oh, and there's ham and bacon everywhere you look. Menu: • Cheesy Rice Ball Fritters • Pat's Smoked Catfish – Served with Homemade Lemon Pepper • Gina's BBQ Cabbage • Gina's Creamy Orange Dill Saucemoreless
  • Memphis Madness
    Memphis Madness
    Episode 6
    A playful Gina and brawny Pat dish up a meal that fits their mood: a little crazy, full of flavor and lots of satisfaction. Menu: • Gina's Chocolate Pound Cake • Pat's Smoked Sausage and Peppers Sandwich • Neely's Grilled Peach Salad with a Balsamic Bacon Vinaigrette
  • South of the Border
    Pat and Gina are fixing a Mexican fiesta today because their friends Janet and Mike are visiting from Denver, and it works out really well because they own a spice shop there, and what better cuisine than Mexican to go wild with spicy flavors? Menu: • Neely's Steak Fajitas • Pulled Pork Empanadas • Apple Chimichurri • Gina's White Sangriamoreless
  • Tasty Tennessee
    Tasty Tennessee
    Episode 4
    Pat and Gina's friend James is coming for lunch, so they're dishing up a menu as varied and colorful as Memphis' own Beale Street, topped off with an icy delight. Menu: • Gina's Spicy Potato Wedges • Pat's "Old School" Onion Rings • Memphis Beale Street Burger • Neely's Secret Sauce • Neely's Midnight Maltmoreless
  • Ready Set Breakfast
    Pat and Gina are up early today, fixing a morning feast that works just as well on a table in your breakfast nook or dining room as it does on a tray in bed. Menu: • Gina's Brown Sugar Bacon • Banana Stuffed French Toast • Neely's Homemade Hashbrowns • Coconut Hot Chocolatemoreless
  • Munchin Luncheon
    Munchin Luncheon
    Episode 2
    Pat and Gina want to relax from their hectic work at the restaurant, so they're dishing up a menu of simple comfort food. And it's a good thing they always make extra, because Gina's brother Ronnie stops by to share in the feast and needle Gina just for kicks. Menu: • Gina's Spicy Corn Chowder • Memphis "Monte Cristo" • Neely's Fried Zucchini • Gina's Spicy Dipping Sauce • Gina's Butterscotch Sundaemoreless
  • BBQ and Blues
    BBQ and Blues
    Episode 1
    Finger food is the specialty today as Pat and Gina explore the "girly" side of grilling, and Pat rolls out an exclusive wings recipe – perhaps his second favorite food after anything from the grill. Then Tony drops by to sample Gina's new cocktail and her new "Bar-Bque." Pat's contribution to her pig collection adapted as only Gina can. Menu: • Gina's BBQ Brie with Raspberries • Pat's Famous Hot Wings – Served with Blue Cheese Dressing • Pat's Bacon Wrapped Asparagus • Memphis Iced Teamoreless