Down Home With the Neelys - Season 6

Food Network (ended 2012)




Episode Guide

  • Picnic Time
    Picnic Time
    Episode 13
    Gina and Pat don't let the winter doldrums get them down. Today they're bringing summer sunshine and a beach vibe into their living room with this indoor picnic that's sure to pick up any downward trending mood – no matter how cold, snowy or overcast it is outside your windows. Menu: • Neely's Muffuletta Sandwich • Neely's Lime Bars • Two Potato Salad • Neely's Peach Iced Teamoreless
  • La Vida Memphis
    La Vida Memphis
    Episode 12
    Gina and Pat take a virtual trip south of the border today for their second favorite type of food. Menu: • Pat's Pulled Pork Tacos • Gina's Mexican Rice • Homemade Salsa and Tortilla Chips • Gina's Sangria Margaritas
  • New Year's Brunch
    New Year's Brunch
    Episode 11
    Pat and Gina have a few stragglers who stayed over from their New Year's Eve bash last night, so they're waking them up right with a yummy brunch that will chase away any lingering hangover. Menu: • Neely's Breakfast Sandwich • Pat's BBQ Home-Fried Potatoes • Neely's Berry Parfait • Gina's Vanilla Bean Champagne Cocktailmoreless
  • Comfort & Company
    Comfort & Company
    Episode 10
    Both the mothers are coming for supper today, so Pat and Gina are preparing remixed comfort food, and as a bonus Pat gets to spend time with his beloved smoker. Menu: • Hickory Smoked Cornish Hens • Lobster Macaroni and Cheese • Neely's Strawberry Pie – Served with Strawberry Whipped Toppingmoreless
  • Holiday Celebration
    Gina and Pat usually throw a huge Christmas party every year, but this season they're opting for an intimate "Red Carpet" cocktail party with just a few family and friends. But that doesn't mean the food will be any less special, and in fact it will give them time to make a lovely parting gift for their guests. Menu: • BBQ Pot Stickers • Neely's Homemade Onion Dip • Neely's Shrimp Hush Puppies • Neely's Chunky Chocolate Delight • Gina's Red Carpet Cocktailmoreless
  • Three's A Crowd
    Three's A Crowd
    Episode 8
    Gina and Pat are remixing healthy today, but you won't miss any of the fat or calories with all the flavor that's been left. Menu: • Dirty Rice Stuffed Collards • Pat & Gina's Oven Fried Chicken • Rustic Apple Tart
  • Gobble, Gobble
    Gobble, Gobble
    Episode 7
    Gina's foregoing entertaining this year to spend quality time with the girls, but that doesn't mean she and Pat will be any less creative with the menu as they re-mix the traditional meal into a snappy and bountiful dinner for which everyone will be thankful. Menu: • Neely's Deep Fried Turkey • Cranberry Chutney • Gina's Pumpkin Cheesecake • Broccoli with Pecan Brown Buttermoreless
  • Grown Up Lunchbox
    Grown Up Lunchbox
    Episode 6
    It's lunch with a little competition thrown in today as Pat and Gina turn a childhood sandwich into dessert, remix a New Orleans classic and make salad a medal event. Menu: • Peanut Butter and Jelly Cupcakes • Grilled Shrimp Po' Boy • "Virtual" Tomato Salad
  • Southern Comfort
    Southern Comfort
    Episode 5
    Pat and Gina prepare a simple meal that's full of flavor and a Neely twist or two. Menu: • Neely's Cookies and Cream Cake • Pat's Roast Beef – Served with a Red Wine Pan Gravy • Neely's Alfredo Pasta
  • Monster Mash
    Monster Mash
    Episode 4
    Pat and Gina celebrate Halloween the adult way with a meal packed full of goodies which will please everyone. Menu: • Neely's Whoopie Pumpkin Pies • Neely's Deviled Chicken • Mashed Boo-Tatoes • Gina's Ghostbuster
  • First and Ten
    First and Ten
    Episode 3
    Today's a big game day, so Pat and Gina throw a tailgate party to beat all. With deep-fried goodies, grilled gems and the expected Neely flavor twists, plus a beverage that requires Gina to tap into her inner coach. Menu: • Neely's Meatball Sliders • Neely's Fried Calamari • Sweet and Spicy Dipping Sauce • Gina's Honey Kiss Wings • Gina's Super Bowl Punchmoreless
  • Family BBQ
    Family BBQ
    Episode 2
    Gina and Pat are pulling out all the stops for a huge barbecue they're throwing for their family and friends. With a menu that includes a BBQ sundae and fried potato salad, is it any wonder that everyone they know wants an invitation? Menu: • Apple Injected Smoked Pork • Sweet Potato Ice Cream • Fried Potato Salad • Neely's BBQ Corn • Apple Injected Smoked Pork Sundaesmoreless
  • Food and Fun
    Food and Fun
    Episode 1
    Gina's in touch with her inner cheerleader, Pat's so happy he's grinning, and it's all because of today's lunch that is full of re-mixes and flavor surprises. Menu: • Gina's Banana Cupcakes with Molasses Cream Cheese Frosting • Alabama White BBQ Sauce • Pat's Spicy Baked Beans • Grilled Chicken with Alabama White BBQ Sauce • Gina's Pucker-Up Lemon Limeademoreless