Down to Earth (1984) - Season 2

TBS (ended 1987)


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Episode Guide

  • A Valentine for Valentino
    Lissy takes a stand for the less popular kids in school when she decides to take a nerd to the Valentine's Day dance, and Ethel, whose Valentine date with Rudolph Valentino has fallen through, ends up as a date for the nerd's brother. Meanwhile, when Richard brings his new invention home -- a lie detector called the "Ball O' Truth" -- Lissy and Ethel are forced to say tell their geeky dates their true feelings.moreless
  • The Quiz Show
    The Quiz Show
    Episode 12
    Ethel becomes a contestant on the game show "Hurry Up and Answer" in order to win $100,000 after Mr. Luster orders her to raise $80,000 to save the Last Daze Rest Home, his mother's alma mater. Duane is thrilled when Ethel wins the prize money, especially when she tells him that he can have the remaining $20,000 -- which, after taxes, comes to a little over four dollars.moreless
  • The Bully
    The Bully
    Episode 11
    Jay Jay's dealing with an unruly bully at school, so Ethel teaches him kung-fu. But J.J. gets full of himself and begins bullying the bully -- until he's put in his place by Candy's neice. Meanwhile, Duane teaches Lissy a "method" for winning over the boy she wants to date.
  • Ethel's Memory Loss
    Ethel's Memory Loss
    Episode 10
    When Pandora's Box wipes out Ethel's memory, she doesn't remember the Prestons, she doesn't remember the 1980s, she doesn't even remember being an angel. It's up to Mr. Luster to take her back to the 1920s to help her remember that she was hit by a trolley and is now an angel.moreless
  • Luster Gets Stuck
    Luster Gets Stuck
    Episode 9
    Ethel sends Mr. Luster's white jacket to Jiffy Dry Cleaners, which catches fire and burns to the ground. The jacket contained Luster's angel wings, which causes him to be grounded at the Prestons indefinitely. Ethel's "Uncle Lester" proceeds to cause quite a bit of havoc in the Preston home until his new wings are ready.moreless
  • Uncle Roscoe's Watch
    Deceased Uncle Roscoe's pocketwatch arrives in the mail with instructions that it's to be given to his "favorite grand-nephew." Richard can't decide whether to give it to Duane or Jay Jay, so he leaves the decision up to Ethel -- who holds a seance to contact Uncle Roscoe.
  • Jay Jay's Dream
    Jay Jay's Dream
    Episode 7
    Jay Jay's been having nightmares that there's a monster in his toybox. After several sleepless nights, J.J. misses his science test, dashing Richard's dreams of his son becoming "a world famous scientist." After seeking some (useless) advice from Mr. Lester, Ethel joins J.J. in his dream and forces him to confront the monster -- which isn't quite as scary as J.J. initially thought.moreless
  • In Praise of Older Women
    Lissy finds a boyfriend, but Richard is suspicious of 17 year-old Karl's intentions, so he sends Duane on a double date with his sister (and he also follows them). But the plot thickens when Karl comes on to Ethel, so Ethel enlists Candy's help to turn the tables on Karl.
  • The Ball's In Your Court
    Richard impersonates an art critic in order to discourage their new neighbor Candy's enthusiasm for garbage art.
  • The Buck Stops Here
    When Duane runs up his credit card bill, he must take a job as a breakdancing chicken to pay it off.
  • Gone With The Wind
    Gone With The Wind
    Episode 3
    Ethel is forced to hire Phil, Mr. Luster's lazy brother-in-law, as a handyman.
  • The Kazinsky Krunch
    Ethel rebuilds the confidence of a professional wrestler through a practice match with Richard.
  • Heaven Can Wait
    Heaven Can Wait
    Episode 1
    When Ethel's assignment to the Preston family is deemed a success, she is ordered back to heaven -- until she convinces her superior angel otherwise.