Down to Earth (2000) - Season 5

BBC (ended 2005)


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  • Trouble 'n' Strife
    Trouble 'n' Strife
    Episode 10
    Rubes and Frank's wedding draws near, so emotions are running high. Jackie is upset about the marriage and sees that only Emma can stick up for her views. But Emma has a change of heart and seizes the opportunity to pose as a wedding planner to other customers. Frank is taken to the dog track for his Stag night. The men club together and win £2,400. However, Frank secretly gambles extra and loses all of the money earned. The girls go to play Bingo for Rubes Hen night but Kerry refuses to go along. Frank and Rubes eventually get married and live in Silverdale. The party is fine, until a woman walks in and makes a shock announcement.moreless
  • Tall Tales
    Tall Tales
    Episode 9
    Jackie has a hard time getting to grips with the fact that Frank isn't her real father. Nick, Kerry and Emma go to the pub on a night out and Kerry drinks as much as she can handle. There seems to be romance blossoming between her and Nick. Meanwhile, Emma parties with a French barman. Rubes is not impressed that Frank left Silverdale without telling her and she tracks him down to his ex-bosses mansion house. Jackie is annoyed that the family are giving Frank a lot of attention. Kerry is upset, because Nick has gone for a job interview for a job as a rugby coach at his old club in Sheffield. Lyn has to do community service at a hostel.moreless
  • Hot Air
    Hot Air
    Episode 8
    Jackie's mothers funeral has to be organised by the Murphy's. Tony is worried about the contents of the Wwill and he gets excited when Emma suggests that Sylvia may have made a Will. However, the Will cannot be found. Tony's cousin Rubes announces that he has come to stay in Silverdale for a few days. Tony is not happy because Nick demands a holiday. He then makes a mistake by appointing both Vi and Lyn as the new manager of The Black Bull. Frank Cosgrove, Jackie and Lyn's father turns up for the first time in 30 years. Tony takes on a new pub manager, Samantha and realises that she used to be a man called Samuel. Sylvia's Will turns up in a strange place and it states that her ashes should be scattered from a hot-air balloon. Frank makes up with Jackie and Lyn and tells Lyn secretly that he needs a kidney transplant.moreless
  • Say Hello, Say Goodbye
    Tension erupts with the Murphy family as Tony who is convinced he is going to die, reads out his will. Kate is skipping school & Kerry decides to take charge of the situation, despite warnings from Nick that she is not aware of all the facts. Lyn's court day is looming & she realizes that nobody wants her around anymore, as she goes to say goodbye, there's a shock in store.moreless
  • Broken Dreams
    Broken Dreams
    Episode 6
    Tony increasingly worries about the possibility of him having cancer & confides in Jackie's sister Lyn. However Lyn can't resist turning to the bottle after accidentally running over a farmer. Meanwhile Jackie is also depressed but attempts to find herself again by following her modeling dreams, only to be set back when told she will be doing glamour work for the over fifties. Kerry decides to move out of the pub & Nick tries hard to hide his disappointment, however she soon realizes that she has a stalker. Preparations are also underway for Jackie's 40th birthday, which all turns out to go better than planned, while Emma is looking for the easiest way to get a quick divorcemoreless
  • Changes
    Episode 5
    Tony & Nick make plans to sell homemade wine in the pub, but have to take swift action when a customs & excise Inspector turns up. Meanwhile Kerry's ex boyfriend turns up out the blue & he assumes that she wants to get back together, while Jackie starts to become increasingly frustrated by Tony's lack of enthusiasm in her, more trouble erupts when Emma decides to take drastic action with her boyfriend.moreless
  • Dangerous Liaisons
    Dangerous Liaisons
    Episode 4
    Tony's new project involves organizing a paint balling competition, with help from Nick & his ex-navy friend Kevin. At first Tony believes that Kevin may be gay, however things take an unexpected turn when Kevin is smitten with Jackie, which of course makes her feel flattered, until he starts becoming more persistent to the extent of obsession. Kerry's old friend Roz arrives & makes an impact. Meanwhile Emma is introduced to Simon at the surf shack.moreless
  • Ignorance is Bliss
    Ignorance is Bliss
    Episode 3
    Tony hits on the idea of badger safaris as a way of making a fast buck, however he discovers that there's more to country life than meets the eye. Ryan pursues an older women & gets into serious trouble, while Nick gets into action when another man asks Kerry out
  • Cowboys
    Episode 2
    A new young girl arrives in the village & after a run in with Nick, it's soon learnt that she is the new vet, however her first day is far from good. Although still upset from his break up, Nick soon moves on by bedding a local girl but is shocked when Louise turns up. Tony & Jackie's friends Liz & Mark discover that the baby they are adopting has a heart defect, which concerns Mark of his ability to cope. While Emma makes plans for a romantic evening with her boyfriend Carl.moreless
  • Sisterly Feelings
    Sisterly Feelings
    Episode 1
    Jackie's amazed that Tony is still dreaming up get-rich-quick schemes even though he is in prison. However there are some changes to come when one of his ideas involves hiring a landlord for the pub, and new arrival Nick Christie catches Jackie's eye. When Tony is released from prison, both him & Jackie take over silverdale from the Brewer's. Meanwhile Jackie's sister Lyn appears out of the blue turning the Murphys world upside.moreless