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Downton Abbey is an PBS drama set in 1912 about the Crawley household. It is written by Julian Fellowes and stars Maggie Smith, Hugh Bonneville, and Elizabeth McGovern.


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  • Hugh Bonneville

    Hugh Bonneville

    Robert, Earl of Grantham

    Maggie Smith

    Maggie Smith

    Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham

    Laura Carmichael

    Laura Carmichael

    Lady Edith Crawley

    Elizabeth McGovern

    Elizabeth McGovern

    Cora, Countess of Grantham

    Joanne Froggatt

    Joanne Froggatt

    Anna Smith (Bates)

    Phyllis Logan

    Phyllis Logan

    Mrs. Elsie Hughes

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    • Simply an elegant ending

      How could this have ever had a better ending. It took six long years but Edith is finally happy, god bless her, she was such a trooper to put up with those writers:( Mary had her just re-ward, her new hubby ended up being a used car salesman. Is it possible that Thomas out-grew his gayness?

      I shall miss this show, I shall miss it indeed!!
    • Growing pains

      I love the depiction of this aristocratic family struggling in the midst of a changing world. Robert (Hugh Bonneville) initially is befuddled thinking of life without his personal valet, while his mother (the wonderful Maggie Smith) sees no need for change; yet to add to her complex character, we see her making decisions that are in keeping with the times. It's a head-shaking moment when we see the lady's maid dress the women for bed, pulling on their dressing robe, only to have said lady walk to her bedside and remove it before getting in bed. However, what a delight to peek inside that remarkably honest picture of that lifestyle. The character of Edith, breaking out of her insecurities and becoming a business woman is wonderful and encouraging. Her sister, Mary (whom I suspect we are not to like overly much) is well done by Michelle Dockery, and portrays her own insecurities, albeit in a more covert manner. The downstairs staff is wonderfully integrated. Poor Mr. Carson whose identity is seemingly tied to THE FAMILY. He's sweetly endeared to Lady Mary and completely devoted to Robert, and he is definitely struggling with changes in the Abbey as well as in the world. Thomas Barrow, the troubled valet/servant--unlikeable from the beginning, now showing (only us) his hurts. Will Mrs. Patmore find love? Will Daisy leave the Abbey? There are so many more characters to contemplate. I look forward to seeing how the conclusion is written.moreless
    • Amazing

      It's currently my favorite TV show, and I have been watching since the beginning. The storylines are well-developed and intriguing - but don't get me started on the characters. Even the most minor characters are perfect. 10/10!
    • Fantastic Show about Downton and his Abbey

      Oh, when Abbey is on, all my ladies are glued to the TV. And finally I get the well deserved rest and can play Witcher on my PS4 without them asking me some silly question every 5 minutes.

      And for that Downton Abbey deserves all its 10 stars. I never watched a single episode by myself and never going to, but the calmness it brings! oh, the calmness!.
    • bad idea

      If there was one show that should have NEVER been finished , this is it!

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