Downton Abbey

Season 3 Episode 9

Christmas Special 2012. (Season 3 Finale for US Audiences)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 25, 2012 on PBS
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In the season finale as aired in the United States, the Crawleys head to the Scottish highlands, to enjoy the hospitality of Rose's family. Amid the hunting, fishing, and fine dining, tensions bubble over and a new crisis unfolds. Meanwhile the downstairs staff are left behind at Downton, where a trip to the local fair leads to trouble for Carson.

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  • Horrible things happen in Season 3

    There are too many surprises in Season 3. Wether it will go bad or the opposite, I'd rather believe the writer.

    I love Matthew and Sybil and to not see them again in season 4 is really hard. Hope the best for this beautiful drama.
  • Really, now.

    People have given this episode a poor rating purely because of what happens at the end of the episode. Yes, it happened, and it's not going to change. Why?

    Spoilers beware:

    Dan Stevens did not sign on for a fourth season. The best thing to do was kill off his character, rather than alienating him from the family and making a horrible, painful mess out of his relationship with Mary. He was killed when they were perfectly happy with one another. Would it make sense to suddenly, on Season 4, Episode 1 write in that the character up and left his wife and newborn child, never to be seen again? That's what happens when the actor abandons the role; you get a killed off character.

    Now, the remainder of the episode was supreme. The hunt, Shrimpy's estate and the picnic--all of these things were wonderfully executed, and truly built onto (or added a note of temporary finality) to the respective storylines, such as the Anna/Bates sub-plot. Everyone knows that this show is not a single plot, but many smaller ones built on top of each other to create an amazing drama. Disappointed as I am with Dan Stevens' decision, I won't give this episode an unfair review or rating just because I hate how it ended.

    Season 4 is going to be a very interesting, very emotional experience and I'm looking forward to it.

  • Downton Abbey Season 3

    Please do not kill off Matthew Crawley for season 4. He has much to do in season 4.

    Thank you,


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