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Break out the fainting couch, because the first full trailer for Downton Abbey's fifth season is here! And it dives deep into the ch-ch-ch-changes that are happening at the Estate.

"I feel a shaking of the ground I stand on," Carson narrates. Check out the minute-long promo to get a glimpse of why he feels that way:

What's Mrs. Hughes secret? Who's caught in a fire? And why would anybody want to sleep with that sleazeball Jimmy? Hit the comments to share your thoughts on what's in store for the Estate in the episodes ahead. 

Downton Abbey returns to PBS on Sunday, January 4, 2015.

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AIRED ON 12/25/2015

Season 6 : Episode 9

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I hope Shirley McClaine is NOT in any more episodes! She was horribly miscast and awful in her role. From little snippets of publicity I think Lady Edith is going to claim her illegitimate baby from the parents she gave the child to adopt and try to secretly raise the child by placing the baby with an local farmer family. Lady Edith starts running the newspaper her disappeared boyfriend left in his will. Inevitable that Lady Mary has several suitors who want to marry her. I always felt Lady Edith always gets such a raw deal and tragedy and misfortune always plagues her so I hope she has better luck in this final season! I was a huge fan the first two series but the plot turned into soap opera melodrama and I am losing interest. I hope the plot improves. I heard the housekeeper and the butler have a budding romance and that would put my feet to sleep since that would be dull as dishwater. I think Tom will have a romance and want to remarry and that infuriates the Crawley's who are very possessive of Toms child. And of course, that nasty conniving footman/valet will be plotting some dastardly plot since he is never up to any good. I hope all of the nasty footman/valet's evil plotting catches up with him and he is finally punished.....although the fellow who portrays him is a wonderful actor and he is great in his role.
It's not Mrs Hughes with a secret, it's Baxter!
looking forward to the new season. hopefully it isn't as slow as previous seasons...
I agree with you about prior seasons having gone down in quality. The first two seasons were wonderful. Third season was just OK and fourth season was sinking into soap opera melodrama. The program was just wonderful until Matthew was killed off in the car crash then it disintegrated with utterly boring plot about bird-brain Rose and her bed-hopping with married man and jazz musician. Rose is a very boring character and insipid. Shirley McClaine was miscast and gave a terrible performance - such a bad performance I wanted to throttle her! After the long drawn out murder trial of Bates, once again he winds up in murky trouble. I thought the episodes about the rape of Anna were not well written and plodding slow moving plot which dragged the series down. When Julian Fellows is good, he is brilliant but his script writing can be erratic and uneven. I really loved the first two seasons and have not given up hope so looking forward to this final series.
Even the soap opera element of Downtown Abbey 3rd and 4th season is not as mawkish and melodramatic soap opera-y as PBS "The Paradise" which is unbearably corny. Even the weaker episodes of Downtown Abbey are better than "The Paradise". I thin The Paradise is trying to ride on the coat tails of sublime and dazzling Selfridge trying to copy that series but weak imitation
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"Starts 21st of September at 9 on itv" by itv, what the voiceover lady clearly means by itv is "the channel most of you Americans will pirate it from because the network that airs it there waits months later and severly edits the episodes unless you buy the DVD/Blu-rays."

"Salvation" by Gabrielle Aplin in the trailer, that's fantastic!

looks interesting though, I just hope it's not as overly soapy as season 4 was. I know they said that Mary and Tom won't ever get together but I still kind of wish they would, mostly because I have the "nobody else is good enough for them after Sybil and Matthew" mentality when it comes to them
What have they edited out
I have only recently found Downton Abbey, and have been watching it on Amazon Prime. I'm glad that Amazon has the unedited original UK version. I would not want to watch it otherwise.

If whatever channel it airs on in the US only shows the edited version, then yeah, i'll probably just end up downloading it. I'll still DVR it and play it in the background while i'm doing something else so they get ratings credit, cause i'm considerate like that. :)
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