Downton Abbey

Season 1 Episode 3

Episode 3

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 10, 2010 on PBS
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The reason behind Gwen's secret correspondence is revealed, much to the surprise of the staff and Cora's matchmaking attempts fail when Mary takes a liking to another man from foreign parts who is intent on sweeping her off her feet. Meanwhile, Bates is desperate to cure his limp and goes to some extreme measures to do so.


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  • We learn Gwen's secret and find that Mr. Bates has one of his own.

    In this third episode, we find out all about Gwen's secret correspondence. It turns out that she has purchased herself a typewriter and has been taking postal courses in typing and pitman script in order to better herself. She has dreams of becoming a secretary and intends to apply for jobs in that field.

    The shadow of the unfortunate death at the house is still hanging over the household and is affecting both the family and poor Daisy in different ways but perhaps nobody more so than Lady Mary who feels that everything about her life is now ruined.

    Meanwhile, the lame Mr. Bates has a secret of his own. Intent on curing his limp, he visits a manufacturer of a device which supposedly stretches the muscles of the offending limb in order to make it touch the floor properly.

    There are several plots afooot below stairs, as always, and, as usual, Thomas is at the centre of most of them.moreless
Lionel Guyett

Lionel Guyett


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Theo James

Theo James

Kemal Pamuk

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Roger Morlidge

Roger Morlidge

Artificial Limbs Man

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    • Violet : Cora is right. Mary won't take Matthew Crawley, so we better get her settled before the bloom is quite gone from the rose.
      Cora: Is the family an old one?
      Violet: Older than yours, I imagine.
      Robert: Old enough.
      Cora: And there's plenty of money.
      Violet: Really?
      Robert: Mama ,you've already looked him up in the stud book's and made ???enquiries about the fortunes. Don't pretend otherwise. Are you afraid someone will think your American if you speak openly?
      Violet: (scared at the very though) I doubt it will come to that.

    • (Lady Mary wakes Anna, the Head Housemaid in the middle of the night after Mr. Pamuk has gone to her room.)

      Lady Mary: He's dead! I think he's dead. No, I'm sure he's dead.

      Anna: How?

      Lady Mary: We were together and - he's dead.

      Anna: In your room?

      (Lady Mary nods, obviously extremely frightened)

      Anna: We've got to get him back to his own bed.

      Lady Mary: But how? It's in the Batchelor's Corridor, miles from my room!

      Anna: Could we manage it between us?

      Lady Mary: He weighs a ton! I could barely shift him at all!

    • (Miss O' Brien, Anna and Gwen are all peeping through a side door admiring the handsome Mr. Pamuk.)

      Gwen: He doesn't look Turkish at all.

      Anna: Well, he doesn't look like any Englishman I've ever met, worse luck. I think he's beautiful.

      (Mr. Carson approaches the three women looking stern.)

      Mr. Carson: Is there some crisis of which I am unaware?

      Anna, O'Brien and Gwen: No, Mr. Carson.

      Mr. Carson: I cannot think of another reason why you should congregate here.

      Anna: No, Mr. Carson.

      (All three women hurry off back to their duties, leaving Carson looking displeased.)

    • (Lady Mary is talking to Mr. Napier just before the start of the hunt. They are referring to the Turkish Attache, Mr. Kamul Permuk, who has not yet arrived to join them.)

      Lady Mary: What about Mr. Pamuk? I gather if he takes a tumble, you'll be endangering world peace.

      Mr. Napier: Don't worry about Kemal. He knows what he's doing on a horse.

      Lady Mary: Well, where is he?

      Mr. Napier: Fussing. He's rather a dandy.

      Lady Mary: Well, I can see him now. Fussy little foreigner with a wide toothy grin and hair reeking of fermaise.

      Mr. Napier: I wouldn't quite say that.

      (Mr. Napier looks around.)

      Mr. Napier: Here he is now.

      (Lady Mary is stunned as they are approached by an extremely handsome young man on a horse. She finds herself lost for words as she sees how very attractive he is.)

    • Mrs. Crawley: (As she reads a letter from Cora) She asks if we can both dine on Saturday. There are two young men staying, so you won't be so outnumbered for once.

      Matthew: What men?

      Mrs. Crawley: A Turkish diplomat called something I can't read, and Lord Branxholm's charming son, who's to be flung at Mary, presumably.

      Matthew: When it comes to Cousin Mary, she's quite capable of doing her own flinging, I assure you.

    • Mr. Bates: I saw this advertisement for a limp corrector. What does it do exactly?

      Salesman: It corrects limps.

      Mr.Bates: Does it work?

      Salesman: Well, as I make it and I advertise it, is it likely I'd say no?

    • (Mary and Cora are talking about young Evelyn Napier, the son of a Viscount, who is coming to the Downton area with friends to attend a hunt. It seems that he has found a pub that caters for hunting)

      Cora: Well, we can improve on that. He must come here. He can send the horses up early if he wants.

      Lady Mary: He'll know why you're asking him.

      Cora: I can't think what you mean. His mother's a friend of mine, she'll be pleased at the idea.

      Lady Mary: Not very pleased. She's dead.

      Cora: All the more reason, then. You can write a note too and put it in with mine.

      Lady Mary: Should I tell him about your friendship with his late mother?

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