Downton Abbey

Season 1 Episode 5

Episode 5

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 24, 2010 on PBS

Episode Recap

In the summer of 1913, Mary Crawley is still unmarried and, with no prospects, is lectured by her father about her personality quirks after he receives a letter from his sister, Rosamund, in London, who has informed him that Evelyn Napier is marrying someone else and implies that it is due, in some part, to some stain on Mary's character.

Cora suggests that Mary be matched to Sir Anthony Strallan, a wealthy landowner who is as old as Robert.

Molesley asks for some time to spend helping his father with the Downton Summer Flower Show.  Isobel is very impressed by Mr. Molesley, Sr's beautiful roses and suspicious when she learns that the Dowager Countess wins the Grantham Cup every year.  She causes a snit when she suggests that the committee may feel obligated to award Violet the cup every time due to the family's patronage of the show.

The servants' lives are busy.  Thanks to Sybil, Gwen has another job prospect.  Bates catches Thomas stealing wine from the cellar and everyone is concerned about Daisy's fear of Mary's room.  Believing this is related to the mystery surrounding Mr. Pamuk, Thomas and O'Brien begin to pressure her for details.  Thomas had written a letter to a valet friend of his in London about the Pamuk death, so O'Brien believes these rumors of Mary's character are his fault rather than that of the suspected Mr. Napier.  She also encourages Thomas to turn the tables on Bates regarding the wine before he ends up losing his job.  When one of Lord Grantham's snuff boxes goes missing, Bates understands he's being set up, finds the box, then sits back and watches as Thomas and O'Brien panic when they believe he's hidden it in one of their rooms in retaliation.  Not wanting to be responsible for costing another man his job, Bates places the box on a forgotten shelf where it's found and assumed Lord Grantham mislaid it.

Being a Lady's Maid gives O'Brien the opportunity to have the ear of Lady Grantham and to serve as a confidant of sorts.  After Cora expresses her frustration at how her daughters snipe and peck at each other, O'Brien goes to Edith with her concerns that Daisy seems very upset and may know something about Mr. Pamuk's death that implicates Mary.  Edith coaxes the story out of Daisy of how she saw Cora, Anna and Mary carrying a body down the halls of Downton Abbey that night.

Gwen fakes illness so she can have an excuse to pretend to hide in her room while Sybil takes her to the interview.  On the way back, however, the horse loses a shoe and the pair are forced to walk back.

Mrs. Patmore throws a fit about changing the dessert she'd planned for Sir Anthony's visit, so Cora acquiesces and allows her to go with the original plan.  Trouble ensues, however, when she mistakenly adds salt to the dish instead of sugar.  Mr. Carson confronts her about her eyesight which she admits has been getting worse.

Despite her irritation at being pushed at every eligible bachelor who visits Downton, Mary fights with Edith over who has a better chance with Sir Anthony.

On the way to the Flower Show, Anna admits she loves Mr. Bates who explains that he's a married man.  She knows he has secrets that go further, but he will not admit them.  Gwen doesn't get the job, but Sybil continues to encourage her.

Countess Violet stuns the Flower Show attendees by announcing that Mr. Molesley, Sr. has won the cup this year, without revealing that her name was listed as the actual winner.

Edith writes a letter to the Turkish Ambassador, revealing what Daisy told her about Mr. Pamuk's death.

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